Friday, July 13, 2018

Write the book you want to read!

Love *your* story!  It you love it, even if it is not perfect, if you love it, you love it!  And that is what is important ya'll!

Some of the things I want to show in my writing are things in myself I never see in books.  In one of my stories the girl has an un-diagnosed skin condition that is very painful to her (Mine is diagnosed now, but I know what it was like! .  In another story I am working on is a girl who has glasses.  Yeah, I have read books about people with glasses, but this is my story.

So, what do you want to read?  A girl who hates coffee?  A boy with no hair?  A girl with really bad acne?  Or maybe values?  I write about girls who have faith in God, because that is what I want to read.
But maybe you want someone who will not date in high school, or someone who only wears dresses and has never cut her hair.  I mostly write about artists right now, because that is what I want to see.  In the future (but the future doesn't exist), I may want to see something else, like a girl who loves yoga, a girl who enjoys doing the dishes, maybe even a reader, or a blogger, you never know!  Anyway, write what you want to read, I've said it, and I will say it again and again.

Some of the inspiration for this blog post came from the YouTube video made by CassJayTuck called WHAT'S WRONG WITH YA FICTION.  Yes, the title in all caps, just like I said.  Anyway, if you write, like tell someone.  Also, maybe watch the vid; I found it inspirational.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

What I think will happen in ROOM FOR CREAM by Erynn Mangum

I will be talking about things that happen in the books, if that puts you off, and you have not read the books, you should read the books and not my post.

First off, I think that we see Maya and Jack after they moved and they may move back.  I think that they may have a baby, or be having a baby.  I think that Maya will say that they should call her Cream and make a room for her.  Yeah.  It's CRAZY but I want it.

Here is the thing.  I think we will see her family older.  I think we will see her brother and sister-in-law. I think that Jack should wear "weird pants" again, or something like them.  As well as, I think mint ice cream NEEDS to make a come back.  I think that her friend (you know the one who married her ex-boyfriend, but it's like OKAY) anyway, she should have two kids, if they have time for that when this book starts.

What other things........

COFFEE SHOP, not Cool Beans, unless they are moving back.  Which if they are...yes, it is needed, but if not, a new coffee shop.  I also, think that Jack should bring home an interesting pet for them and name it, the same way his dog got his name.  LOTS of dogs, I am looking for.  More dogs doing yoga, Please!  And if not dogs, babies, but not babies doing yoga, but they can be doing baby sign language.  In fact, I am wrong, the babies could be doing yoga, that would be very healthy.  And if not babies, or dogs, don't let me down on coffee, PLEASE! *crying*

More things that I think will happen is marriage being hard, not all happily ever after, but it all being okay in the end.  Really, I will be happy just to have a new book about Maya.  I always said that she needed another one, and that we should have four, and that it left me wanting more and was VERY hard to get past.  And now I don't have to anymore!  And I can re-read this one until I am okay.  And maybe I will rock back and forth between reads, but that's okay, because I can have coffee and ice cream and Jesus, and that is all you need.

Monday, June 18, 2018

You have to believe in yourself

You have to believe in yourself and your dreams, no one else is going to do that for you.
You have to tell yourself you are good at things.
And only compare your past self to your new self.
And tell yourself, I am good at X, I am better at X now than I was, I understand so much more.
I don't think that anyone is ever going to feel fully ready to go after their dreams, but you just have to go for it.
In the arts, no one is going to just one day hand you a paper that says "NOW YOU ARE READY FOR YOUR DREAM JOB, GO FOUTH AND conquer!"
Yeah, that is not going to happen.
Yes, graduation happens, in some fields, but is that really going to make you feel fully ready?
And there is so much school, in some fields, that you can just keep going to forever; that may never make you feel ready.
Just tell yourself, you are ready and you will always be getting better in your field, but that you like yourself now. And that you are good at what you love.
If you LOVE what you do, it's going to show (and you can love a job at McDonald's, if need be), and that will make your work better, and people and yourself will like your work more.

An example when it comes to writing,
I had a story idea. I wrote a children's book of it when I was a child.
At 14/15, I wanted to write it as a YA book, and plotted it and started the process of rewriting.
At 17, I picked up the pieces of what I wrote when I was 8, and 14/15 and now, I have a full first draft of my YA book.
And I very well may rewrite this story when I'm 40, and we will see if I ever feel that it is ready to GO FOURTH AND conquer.

With all my love,

You also have to give yourself change for the better, you are not set to what you have told people about you, or what you have told yourself.  You can change TODAY.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Deciding to take a gap year after accidentally graduating a year (and a half) early

My first thought was that there was no point in graduating a year early and taking a gap year, but I don't think I should jump into college, if that's not what I am supposed to do.  College is a very expensive experiment.  I would really prefer not to go into debt over education.  At this time in my life, I can not personally afford college; it's expensive, even with scholarships.  This gap year is not a year off work, or a year of just sitting around.  I am always learning, and I want to keep it that way.  But I hope it will be a year of working, saving, and being smart with money, and getting ready for life on my own eventually.  I want to life/un -school the college experience, but not in a drunk partying way, in a "This is how to do your taxes and buy milk" way [I do know how to buy milk, this is just an example].  And as I can sometimes be really sick (because of gluten), this is probably a better way for me right now.  I won't say I will never go to college or get higher education, because I don't know what my future holds.

Right now, nothing I want to do requires a college degree.  I know that graduating a year early and choosing not to go to college is weird.  I know it will be hard to get a "good" job before being 18, which is why I have time, and one of my words for the year is patience.  I want to learn patience in 2018.  Choosing to wait, not jumping into college just to say I'm going to college, but being patient for my future and just knowing that God will work out my life was really hard to do.

And to disrobe graduating a year early:
My first words about that is "oops."  I was not trying to.  I was not planning on it.  It happened.  I guess I just work too hard.  I think part of graduating so early was that when I was sick from gluten, something that would make me feel successful was school.  And so I did a lot.  My family also does school year round and homeschooling meant I could do school whenever!  I have done a lot of school on the weekend and it's a good time.  And school was hard, but that made me work hard and be so very happy to be done with some subjects.

Part of my gap year is that I am so done with school, at least for a while.  I don't want to sit down and take a test and search the book for answers that I don't care about.  I feel that very much, I want to LIVE!, and not do things just because the education system says so.  No thanks!  And to be completely honest, I probably would have really considered dropping out, this year.... But nope!  I completed state requirements in December.  I added another class for fun-zies, because my Mom wouldn't let me graduate in January. 

Thursday, June 7, 2018

What are your plans for after school?

"Man plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps."

I don't want to tell you my plans.
I don't think you care.
I DO think you will make fun of me,
Just like always in my life.
Why would it change, just because now I am 17?

And if they don't work out,
Sad for me.
Making more fun of me behind my back,
Do you really think that I need That?

It's my life,
Not yours.
You don't have to be in my head,
Or walk in my shoes every day.

Why is the default College?
Why do I have to say no,
To something that I never wanted?

Reasons that I would go to college [At THIS time in my life]:
1. Sororities
2. Study abroad

I also don't want to be held to what I say i am going to do at 17?
Do you really think that I know what I am doing?
I was still thinking that I had one more year!
I can change my mind.
I am not going to hold my self to one career for my entire life.

Which is why I like to say
That I have no plans.
You can't hurt no plans.
You can't say that my plans are bad.
You can say the lack of them is,
But most times
You just look shocked.

I do have plans.
I don't want to say.
I don't know how much time they will take.

Friday, May 25, 2018

The Rebellion by Livy Jarmusch Book Review

The Rebellion, by Livy Jarmusch, is book two in the Tales of Tarsurella!  I have already reviewed book one last year.  Here is a link, if you want to read that.  If you have not read book one, I will probably say something in this review that will give away some of the plot of book one.

The Rebellion starts off and not much time has passed since book one.  We get a little bit of everyone and where they are before we get into new plot.  I was happy to see my two favorite girls in the first chapter.  This book gives us more information and a bit of wrap up of things that happened in book one, and of course, some things we are still waiting for "a bow on top," because book three is not out yet!  Whhhaaa!  But it's okay, I am good at waiting, and if I'm not, waiting is something to learn.  Yay!

I loved the new plot and new people!  They are really great!  In this book, my top five to read about were:  Vanessa, Millie, Jane, Hope and Addison, but I really did enjoy everyone.  I was excited to get to read about what Vanessa is doing with her new job in the kingdom.  Seeing Hope doing charity work was a time to be alive.  There was definitely some character growth, especially with the younger characters, who did have a slightly bigger part in the story.  This was not a dual point of view, or multiple character book where you don't really care about some of the characters and you just skippity skip; I wanted to read about all of them!  And when I got into it!  Wow!  I read it so fast!

 SPOILER WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alaska. Bridget. Liam.
Oh, no! Can I get an AMEN?  When she left Alaska... I was like, "Girl!? What you doing?!"  And then, whenever Liam came back, I was like, "CAn I get a What-what?".  But like squirrel-lessly, their relationship was so faith-filled and God honoring that I just want to like see her carrying Bibles down the isle when/if they get married instead of roses.  True story.  True story.

I like all the crazy inventions and the inventor's daughter, Jane, from Ohio.  NEW CHARACTER ALERT!!  Super chill chick, and she's a writer, so she gets 100 bonus point.  Cool.  Like when her Dad went missing, oh, man!  And I literally mean man, cuz he's a man.  When she went to Tarsurella, that was a good time.

I am 97% sure I am actually Vanessa. (I found my formal dresses for $6 and under, baby!)  She also has a VW bug!, which was my dream car in middle school.  She's also a tree-hugger and concerned about the homeless. She also does insomniac baking.

So, I really thought it was cool how Livy had people burning the Tarsurella flag, because current events, not because I like flags being burned up.

I like that both Vanessa and Addison chose not to date in high school and to be intentional about their romantic relationships.  It's really nice to see a positive courtship relationship.

Did not guess the plot twist about Clark's son.  Well, like, I half guessed it.  I knew he was doing the blog, but I didn't know he was Clark's son, so that was a big surprise.  Really, I should have guessed it, because Livy gave you hints, but I didn't.  True story.

The Tales of Tarsurella books, are so real, with what is going on in the world currently, that the storyline could be in the news. I love that the characters are extremely prayerful, growing in their faith at all times, in the good times and the bad."

Monday, May 7, 2018

" the first draft "

I have always been told by writing people, and books and basically anything writing wise, that the first draft is the hardest thing to do when it comes to telling the story.  Writing is hard.  I am more terrified trying to make it as a full-time writer than I am of trying to make it as a full-time illustrator, and that is scary to me.  I could never class myself with writers, or authors, because I didn't think I was good enough.

I struggled with writing, as well as reading when I was a kid because, I'm dyslexic.  I could never write with the words I wanted to use.  Fast forward a few years.... and I have a phone, that I can write on.... and the phone will fix the spelling of the word I want to use, and if all is lost... occasionally, speaking the word will actually come through on a phone.  But writing on my phone also lost over 4,000 words that I wrote in two days.  So, the phone is not always a good thing.  But back to that scary first draft.

Until recently, the only finished work I had was a children's book I wrote when I was in elementary school, which is straight up hilarious to me now.  Currently, I have finished three novellas this year, one novelette, eleven short stories, and four stories of unknown word count.

Last year I started a story that I wanted to read, but had never found.  I then put that on hold and started a book that was inspired by so many disappointments in the same genre.  I now have finished the first draft of the later, and re-written and finished the first draft of the former.  I know this means a million edits to come, but I feel so accomplished.  I did it!  I finished something (many somethings as of editing this blog post).  I'm not a failure, and I'm not a quitter.  It took me months.  I started in what I did not know was going to my Senior year of high school.  And I took big breaks in between sections and I had to motivate myself to keep going sometimes, making myself talk it over and get excited about the story again.  I had to learn to go with being really motivated to write at any time that I was motivated.

After truly trying nanowrimo, I've decided November is just when I need to not try to do anything.  November is too busy, and if I am expecting December to be a lot better, yes, but no.  Every year in January, though, I always write an absurd amount.  So, I am just going with it.  And something I figured out as I've been writing all these things first drafts, is plot as you go, not all at once.  For me, if I have the plot all at once, I've already lived out the story and I'm done, but if I give myself some plot points to work with and go through and write them, after I'm done with them, plot again. Writing that way works for me, it keeps me excited and on task.

In conclusion, the first draft is hard, but you can do it.  I believe in you!  Probably more than I believe in me.  If you want a story in the world, go for it!  And don't worry too much about it being completely original, because nothing is.  But you are original and if you write like you are you then your story will be original, as original As You Are.