Friday, February 15, 2019

Mary Poppins and Mary Poppins comes back book Review

Cool fact: The MOVIE is BETTER than the book, and the book is nothing like the Disney movie.

So, I decided that I wanted to read the Mary Poppins books, because of the new movie coming out.  I paid the dollars and brought the box set, that I am not going to be reading all of because, I disliked the books. A LOT.  Mary Poppins, as in the first one, is not *quite* as bad, but it has quite a few things that are not okay. The second one was in rating -5 stars, Mary Poppins as the first book, is not *quite* as bad.

Just a few things that are not okay in books (but there are lots more):

Mary Poppins the narcissist.
She invalidates the kids memories.  That is not just fun and games, it's not an okay thing to do.
She is also WAY to into herself and she can do anything and she can do no wrong... haha, ha.

There are parts of the books that are just plain unsettling, like the humans in the zoo.  Mary Poppins being cousins with a Literal Snake.  Also, when she tells them stories... violent and creepy stories; I am taking about HOW MANY PEOPLE THE KING OF THE CASTLE BEHEADS, and then what happens to the heads.  I didn't need to have that picture in my head, and if I was a kid, I do not want to think of how upset that would have made me.

There is one chapter, that I know of, that has been re-written two or three times because of racist and offensive content.  At one time, the book was banned and removed from the library, because of this content.  Since the book was revised, it has returned to libraries.

I don't really want to talk about these books, I don't recommend them. They are leaving the library in my room.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Cool Beans by Erynn Mangum Book Review

*For the peeps who know nothing about this book, I used to be you.  I understand.  Cool Beans is the name of a coffee shop, if you can not deal with people using this as a saying in every day life, you CAN (and should) still read this book.  I am looking at you boys and girls.  It's great.

*just ignore book three in this photo, it has no place here.... yet it is here*

So... I just realized that I have not yet reviewed Cool Beans, by Erynn Mangum, which is a problem because I love this book.  Book four is coming out in like 5 seconds (November 30th for the e-book and about a week later for the physical book).  And I just pre-ordered Room for Cream as of today.

So, let's get onto this:

Cool Beans [book one of four], by Erynn Mangum, is about a lovely twenty-something, with an English degree, working at a coffee shop (Cool Beans).  Her name is Maya.  Her brother is a doctor. They don't always get on, you can see why from their employment status.

Maya lives with her roommate, Jen, and things get a little crazy when Jen unknowingly starts dating Maya's ex-boyfriend, Travis.  And even when Maya meets him, he doesn't recognize her.... which is awkward for everyone, and by everyone, I mean the reader and Maya.... maybe a little for Jack, but not until later.  We will come back to Jack, since I love him, but we must save this for later.

Maya also has an amazing Beagle who works out with her.  He's great.  Love him.  But let's talk about Jack.  Jack works at Cool Beans with Maya and was her friend when they were little, as well as in college (they didn't go to the same high school).  He is working on becoming a Zoologist/Zoo Keeper person.  And if true love is real, he and Maya must love each other, but Maya doesn't know that yet.
In this book, we also met Jen's mom, who is not my favorite person to say the least, but she does add to the enjoyment of the story.  It's like "Yay!! The characters have a bad time in life just like me!!!"

The second big plot point is that Maya's brother and his wife move back to town.  Maya has to deal with that, as well as her ex-boyfriend still not knowing that he is dating her best friend.  Also, still the problem that her best friend does not know she is dating Maya's ex-boyfriend.

Really, my favorite part of this book, and the best thing about it in my mind, is Maya's relationship with God.  It is so real, like convictingly so.  Maya does not read her Bible sometimes.  She feels bad about that sometimes.  And she doesn't have all the perfect answers sometimes, but she does live her faith and it is still beautiful.  I can't say too much more without giving things away that I wish for a first time reader of the book to enjoy, but just know I love this book and I recommend it to everybody I know.

Monday, October 29, 2018

Fall/Winter Clothing Haul // Slow Fashion // Thrifted

Two different times this Fall, I went Thrifting for a few more long tops and layering pieces, plus a few other things that I was randomly looking for.  I didn't really want to buy new, unless I had to.  It's not fun to add to the supply chain and support consumerism, especially of something that there is such an abundance of used.  Some things you just have to go a few times to find.

The three things I picked up on my first trip:

With this trip, I was looking for anything made of natural fibers, but especially long skirts or dresses, and sweaters and button-ups,  long or short-sleeved.

 This first piece is a pink 100% cotton sweater that I am IN LOVE with.  I love wearing it with my jeans and also over this next piece.

 This is a 100% linen button up that is light green, it's hard to get the true color on camera.  It's really long and can almost be a dress, looks great with boots and a sweater layered over the top.  For Spring and Summer, it will be nice with shorts and skirts tucked in.  Once again, one of my new favorite pieces.

 This is 100% linen as well.  I promise it looks better on a person than a hanger.  I got this since my silk skirt (from Goodwill),  that I have had for four years, just has way to many holes in it.  I like to have AT LEAST two long skirts.  I may end up dying this one, but for now it works.  I can't believe I found a skirt on the first try that was everything I was looking for.  This also has buttons and POCKETS.  I have been pinning skirts with buttons and looking for one, but they are never the right fit. Pockets are the best thing you can find in girls dresses and skirts.

My next trip I was looking for a nice-ish dress, leggings and sweater layering pieces, of course, with natural fibers only.

 My first find was this linen dress, with REAL pockets.  It fits great.  Once again, I may dye it, but for now it is what it is and I like it.  It's nice-ish, and it doesn't need to be super nice since my next piece covered what I was looking for a dress for.

 This black sweater is so nice, and I can wear it with my Green 3 skirt for church and other nice things that happen in the cold times.

This last piece, I love the pockets and how many things this can go over to make super warm.  This is the sweater that I have talked about before, the one that had THREE holes in it that I didn't see.  But it was fixable.  I wear this a ton.

I also have a new love for black clothes. Black is so easy for everything.  I love them.  Nothing shows up on them!  Wearing black is perfect for Inktober and doing an ink drawing every day.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Participating in my 1st Clothing Swap // Saying No to New Fast Fashion

I was invited by some awesome friends to take part in a Clothing Swap.  So, I bagged some clothing I was already getting rid of, and made a list of what I was looking for, since I don't want to add more things that won't be something I wear.  The best ways to say no to Fast Fashion is to wear out your  clothing, donate clothing that you don't wear, and get second hand things that will get use in your wardrobe.

My recommendations to those who are going to be taking part in a Clothing Swap:
1) Make a list of what you are looking for.  It can be overwhelming to see ALL THE MANY THINGS, but you don't want to take home something that you will have to get rid of since you won't be wearing it.
2) See how many things you have room for ,and if you want to get rid of anymore things that you don't wear, so that you can get new ones.  I knew that at most I could get five tops, since that was as many hangers as I had empty.
3) And my last tip is to wear a tank top, under your top, so that you can try things on without waiting for a room to be open. Also, if you have them, leggings, or shorts if it's a hotter day, just so you can try things on with ease.

Now onto my list/what I came home with:

The number one thing that I was looking for was leggings.  I didn't know if they would have any, but it was what I needed most.  Turned out that there were many different leggings, but my next thing is that they must be made of mostly natural materials, AND in my size of course.  I ending up with 3 fitting me!
I didn't have any color in mind, so this worked out great.  I was thinking of buying a new black pair if I didn't find any at the swap, AND I ENDED UP WITH TWO BLACK PAIRS (one of them is Fair Trade!) and a brown pair that fits especially nicely. 

The next thing on my list was 3/4 length shirts.  I only have one, and I wear it all the time. Three-quarter length is my favorite. I found two of them!! 
 This black and white Striped top which is super in style, and 100% cotton!!! Super soft, and goes with everything.
And this white one, that did have two TINY holes, that I didn't see until I got it home.  Stitching the holes was a easy fix for a free to me top. 
My other 3/4 length sleeve top is black, so now I have black, white, and black & white. Lol. Works for me:) This one is also 100% cotton. 

The next thing that I was looking for was a sweater.  I wanted something that would get me through until I could get a super nice one.  Also, it's better to use a used one than to buy new, even Organic Cotton and Fair Trade. 
This is a lovely sweater.  It did have one hole that I didn't see until I got home, but once again an easy fix, for a free sweater.  I once paid five dollars for a sweater that had THREE holes in it, that I didn't see at the store.  This is navy blue and 100% cotton. 

With this one, it fits two different things that I was looking for, a black top, and a nice top that I can dress up.  I didn't know if I would find a nice black top, so I was also looking for just a black top.  This is (once again) 100% cotton.  It goes with what I need it to, and I love the intricate detail around the neckline and the little bit on the sleeves. 

The last thing on my list was a cotton dress, but that was just to replace an old one that has oil stains.  I tried one on, but it was too big.  I ended up with two new things that were not on my list. 
 This lace poncho top thing.  I had no clue there was anything like this that was 100% cotton, every one that I have ever looked at was made of mostly synthetic materials, but not this one!  Fully cotton!  This could have been on my list, if this was on my radar of things that I knew I could wear.

Lastly, these denim shorts. I didn't have a pair of shorts, besides to go under dresses.  The other day, I was wishing that I could have a pair to put over my leggings.  I would have put them on my list, if I had remembered at the time of writing my list that I was thinking of adding a used pair to my closet. 

So that's that.  I had a great time, and would do it again.  I feel like it was good.  Now my closet is ready for anything. 

If you have the opportunity to host, or partake, in a Clothing Swap, totally give it a try!

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Fast Fashion NEEDS to slow down // Fashion Haul

So recently-ish, I was informed that sweatshops still existed.  And I was like NO WAY!  That was something we got rid of like after Victorian times, like chill.  Then I found out that it was true.  So, I have been trying my best not to add to this In Any Way, so the hunt for fair trade EVERYTHING became a thing.  But also, within a budget, and things that will hold up to lots of re-wearing, and as Zero Waste as possible, and that agrees with my minimalist lifestyle that I am continuously working towards.

My biggest issues with Fast Fashion are all the clothing that gets thrown away by stores and how many fashion "seasons" there are, it's more seasons than are in a year!!!  It's like EVERY week, like what!?!! Anyway, thrift stores are great to combat this, but sometimes it's hard to find what you need in thrift stores.  Also, if you are allergic to rayon and acrylic it can be dangerous shopping in a thrift store.

So, I have been on the look out for fair trade brands for a bit and found Green 3 which is Great!!  I got Green 3 Apparel skirt second hand from from Thred Up, which I will come back to in a second.  I bought a long sleeve shirt from Green 3 on Amazon.  I loved both things, but never looked on their website until just a bit ago, and found AMAZING sales and clearance, and made two orders on there, along side my Mother. 

But before I made that order, we also made one on Thred Up.  I love that they are a online thrift store, and Second Hand Shopping is one of the best ways to combat Fast Fashion.  The fact that there is so much more clothing made than we need, and that we buy more than we need sometimes, it's the best thing to pass it around when we get sick of it, or we outgrow it, and let someone else buy it.  We have had a few issues with the products not being the exact material they say they are, but customer service is great, and returns are easy.  I only have a few things to show from them, but I like to buy staple things from them, like plain black t-shirts. Searching for the brands you like and the sizes and styles you are looking for is easier than at an actual thrift store, but you do pay more for the convenience.

I want to note before I get into the haul that the Absolute Most Sustainable Thing you can do with your wardrobe is not to buy any new things for it.  But if, like me, you do need some new things, or at least new to you, it is better to be conscious consumer.  With that said, here are my Thred Up things:

 This is a maxi dress that is 100% cotton. This is a great  Multi seasonal piece, it can work in a lot of different temperatures. It still had tags on when I got it. I love wearing it.
 This maxi skirt is 100% cotton as well.  It is a one size fits all, and is super cozy to wear.  Once again, a great piece for many seasons.
 I got these two 100% cotton scarves, I think the green one might be organic cotton.  They were both only a dollar or two.  I got them to get free shipping on an order that I got my wool coat on.  And when they sent two pants that were not what they said they were, I got credit back and got the pants below.
These are organic cotton leggings!  They are SO soft and I love wearing them all the time.  So cozy!  I took them from the dirty laundry basket just so that I could post them!

A note:  I also have my wool coat, but I don't have a picture of it.  It's just a black wool coat. Use your imagination.

Now on to what I got from Green 3.  I feel like Green 3 is a good place for hippie style, farm style, and just everyday American style clothing. 
 This is a lovely long top, perfect for winter.  When I was buying these this summer on sale I was thinking of what I would need this fall, cold time.  This was another one that I took from the dirty laundry...  AMAZING, So Soft and nice.  I love to wear this with some jeans that I already have.
 I love to wear this 100% organic cotton t with black overalls.  I could not past this up.  Don't forget to vote 😁.
 This was somthing I was not sure about getting, but now I wear it all the time.  It goes well with so many things, like the maxi skirt that I got from Thred Up.  So nice for anything.  Organic cotton is the best.
 My VERY favorite long sleeve t-shirt, soft and fits super well. I enjoy wearing it anytime it is clean. Organic cotton and such a lovely sunflower.
 This might be my favorite skirt right now. It is super simple and easy to make an excellent outfit with. It goes over leggings well and is a good bottom by itself. And it is one of the only organic cotton skirts in my wardrobe.
 This is a skirt that is linen fabric, but made from fabric remains, is a wrap skirt, and very nice to wear.  I enjoy it a lot. I don't have much pink in my closet and I loved getting it on sale.
This is another skirt from fabric remains, and if you can't tell, recycled ties.  This skirt is made of silk and polyester.  Knowing what I know now about polyester and microplastics into our water system and world, I would not have gotten this, but it is a nice skirt that I will save to wear to nice events.  I don't think I will find something better anytime soon. I am glad it is something that I will NOT be washing at lot.  I will only be washing it, if it truly gets dirty.

On to buying new Sustainable Fashion.  I don't want to be buying Fair Trade plastic clothing that is toxic and polluting to the environment, or made from wood that is causing deforestation.  My new thing is unless it is from a second hand place, it must be made from sustainable materials like organic cotton, linen, or hemp, and be colored with a natural dyeing process and as little chemicals as possible.  Because of the chemical process, I haven't included bamboo rayon, which I think would break out my skin anyway.... and takes a LOT of water and chemicals to turn into fabric.

A new place I have tried out is PACT Apparel, but I need to get to know them more before I can say much, besides the fact that they seem like a really sustainable brand, with good fair trade ethics, and almost 100% Organic Cotton.

An old favorite of mine is Maggie's Organics.  I have a favorite pair of leggings from that brand and would love to try more of their things.  I am trying their socks this fall, made of wool and Organic Cotton.

If none of this is your vibe, you can still shop fair trade EVERYTHING, this is a link to a great blog post of the top 35 fair trade clothing brands.  I alike to search these brands on Thred Up and see what they have of them.

And thus ends this crazy long post where I still don't feel like I said all that I wanted to.
Love to all.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Write the book you want to read!

Love *your* story!  It you love it, even if it is not perfect, if you love it, you love it!  And that is what is important ya'll!

Some of the things I want to show in my writing are things in myself I never see in books.  In one of my stories the girl has an un-diagnosed skin condition that is very painful to her (Mine is diagnosed now, but I know what it was like! .  In another story I am working on is a girl who has glasses.  Yeah, I have read books about people with glasses, but this is my story.

So, what do you want to read?  A girl who hates coffee?  A boy with no hair?  A girl with really bad acne?  Or maybe values?  I write about girls who have faith in God, because that is what I want to read.
But maybe you want someone who will not date in high school, or someone who only wears dresses and has never cut her hair.  I mostly write about artists right now, because that is what I want to see.  In the future (but the future doesn't exist), I may want to see something else, like a girl who loves yoga, a girl who enjoys doing the dishes, maybe even a reader, or a blogger, you never know!  Anyway, write what you want to read, I've said it, and I will say it again and again.

Some of the inspiration for this blog post came from the YouTube video made by CassJayTuck called WHAT'S WRONG WITH YA FICTION.  Yes, the title in all caps, just like I said.  Anyway, if you write, like tell someone.  Also, maybe watch the vid; I found it inspirational.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

What I think will happen in ROOM FOR CREAM by Erynn Mangum

I will be talking about things that happen in the books, if that puts you off, and you have not read the books, you should read the books and not my post.

First off, I think that we see Maya and Jack after they moved and they may move back.  I think that they may have a baby, or be having a baby.  I think that Maya will say that they should call her Cream and make a room for her.  Yeah.  It's CRAZY but I want it.

Here is the thing.  I think we will see her family older.  I think we will see her brother and sister-in-law. I think that Jack should wear "weird pants" again, or something like them.  As well as, I think mint ice cream NEEDS to make a come back.  I think that her friend (you know the one who married her ex-boyfriend, but it's like OKAY) anyway, she should have two kids, if they have time for that when this book starts.

What other things........

COFFEE SHOP, not Cool Beans, unless they are moving back.  Which if they are...yes, it is needed, but if not, a new coffee shop.  I also, think that Jack should bring home an interesting pet for them and name it, the same way his dog got his name.  LOTS of dogs, I am looking for.  More dogs doing yoga, Please!  And if not dogs, babies, but not babies doing yoga, but they can be doing baby sign language.  In fact, I am wrong, the babies could be doing yoga, that would be very healthy.  And if not babies, or dogs, don't let me down on coffee, PLEASE! *crying*

More things that I think will happen is marriage being hard, not all happily ever after, but it all being okay in the end.  Really, I will be happy just to have a new book about Maya.  I always said that she needed another one, and that we should have four, and that it left me wanting more and was VERY hard to get past.  And now I don't have to anymore!  And I can re-read this one until I am okay.  And maybe I will rock back and forth between reads, but that's okay, because I can have coffee and ice cream and Jesus, and that is all you need.