Thursday, July 11, 2013

Welcome/My First Post

There have been many firsts in my life... for instance: my first word, my first step, my first pair of big girl panties, my first chapter book, my first air soft gun, and my first driving lesson.  Now my first blog post on "The Library In My Room".  I wouldn't really call it a library, but I have a lot more books than most of my friends, so I guess you could call it a library.  I don't have as many books as in my Mom's library, but she still calls mine a library, so I guess I will, too.

What you can expect from my blog is plenty of book reviews.  I'm kicking off this blog by participating in the Book Tube Read-a-thon.  My next post will probably be a To Be Read Pile for that (also known as TBR).

Though, I will probably be posting more than just book stuff.  You could find anything on here from tennis and exercise tips, to pics from our family biking trips, and much more!

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