Friday, December 26, 2014

Bookish New Year's Resolutions For 2015

The New Year is coming so I have my resolutions!  Soon, I will have my post on how I did on the resolutions I made for 2014.  And so, without further ado, here are my 2015 Bookish New Year's Resolutions:

1.  Read 20 new books.  This is my special resolution so that I have a goal to put on my Goodreads account.

2.  Re-read at least 12 books.

3.  Listen to at least one audio book.

4.  Read more of the books my friends tell me to read.

5.  Read more stand alone's.

6.  Read just for fun!

7.  Go to a book signing (or some thing like that). I only have one signed book, and I want to remedy that.

8.  Do more book reviews.

9.  Read more of the books that have been made into movies, that I have seen and LOVED (especially  Heidi and Sarah, Plain and Tall).

10. Read more books that I can recommend to my younger cousins.  I read a lot of teen, young adult books, including classics geared for young adults.  I want to read more variety that could be read by any age.  My Mom is recommending Pollyanna and Jo's Boys (I've read Little Women multiple times and love it!).

Friday, December 19, 2014

Book "Hangover" Awards 2014 (Jan-June)

Today I am posting The Library In My Room's First EVER "Book Hangover Awards". This will come in 2 parts, the first 6 months of the year and the last 6 months of the year. You may be asking "What is a book hangover?".  I will tell you. There are a lot of definitions of what a "book hangover" is.  For me, a book hangover is when a book completely sucks you in, and you only want to read that book (or just books in that series), and when you are done reading it you think about the book all the time, you quote that book a lot, and make references to said book ALL the time, you also have a lot of trouble starting a new book.

WELCOME to the First Annual HUNGER GAMES... OOPS... I meant...

WELCOME to the FIRST Library In My Room Book Hangover AWARDS!!!

1. Super by Matthew Cody. This was the first book of the year to give me a book hangover.  This is the second book in the series.  I didn't review this one, because the book hangover was too deep.  You can read my review of the first book in the series, which is Powerless.

2. Save The Date by Jenny B. Jones.  This book is a companion novel to There You'll Find Me.  I get so bad hangovers from Jenny's books that I haven't managed to write a review on any of them.  I also have a fear of not doing them justice with my review.  I broke out of that fear for Melanie Dickerson's books, so I am going to try to review some Jenny B. Jones in 2015.

3. Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine.  I reviewed this as my first Book versus Movie Review.  My cousin is a very nice human, because she told me I should read this.  This is a younger cousin, not the one who gave me books in a book haul.  I was shocked that this gave me a book hangover.  I read this in February, and I only completed started and finished two books that month, because of the hangover. I kept randomly re-reading good parts.

4.  First Date by Krista McGee.  This is the first in a companion novel/trilogy of Biblical Allegory stories.  This one happens to be based on Esther.  I haven't reviewed any of these yet, because... stupid camera/computer problems!  I was desperately waiting for Starring Me (the next book in this series) from the library.  I was so happy that there was another book in this series, because I thought I was going to mourn for this book, wear all black, and people would think I was going Goth, only I was just incredibly book hungover.

5.  Luminary by Krista McGee.  This is the second book in the Anomaly trilogy.  I have read all the books.  I reviewed both Anomaly and Luminary, but I have not reviewed Revolutionary, because of the same reason I haven't reviewed First Date... annoyed face!  I had to read the next book on this list in order to get out of this book hangover.  Revolutionary was not coming out for around three months... so I had to do something!

6.  The Fairest Beauty by Melanie Dickerson.  This is the third book in Melanie Dickerson's companion novel Fairy Tale series.  I could not get over this book hangover until I read another of Melanie's Fairy Tale re-tellings.  You can read my review of this book, and there are links throughout to the rest of the books that are published in this series.

7. In Between by Jenny B. Jones.  This is the first book in the Katie Parker Production series. This was the only series I had yet to read by Jenny B. Jones.  I have read all of her books, with the exception of the recently published Christmas novel (I'm waiting for that book in paperback).  I had to re-read books to get out of this hangover.  It was BAD!  One of the worst of the entire year.  I couldn't find these at the library, so I had to wait until I had money to buy each one in the series (except for the last one, which was a birthday present).  Waiting to purchase the next book, I had to re-read Destination Unknown by Amy Clipston.  I thought that would do the trick.  LOL!  I then re-read So Not Happening and I'm So Sure by Jenny B. Jones.  Those two books were two of my Top Ten Worst Book Hangovers of 2013.  

You may be thinking that a Book Hangover is a really awful thing.  I must tell you, though, that a Book Hangover is a really good thing.  Not all books are well written enough to produce a Book Hangover.  A Book Hangover usually means the book is on my favorites list.  And that's all... for now.  :)  

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Update/November Break

This will be my ONLY post in November.  November is always a busy month at my house, but this year it is even worse.  I will now tell you the twelve reasons why, in no particular order of what is worse, just what came to my mind.

1.  Working on the house.  We have had construction going on in our house for like four years.  We took a break at the beginning on 2014, and in the summer.  Now we are back full swing at what we didn't get done last year.

2.  My mother and my brother were in a car wreck in late August.  They are still being treated at the Chiropractor two days a week because of that.

3.  My family has a million birthdays in November.   I'll just name some.  In the first week of November, we have my Cousin, my Grandfather, myself, and not a blood relative, but my close friend.  Later in the month, there is another close friend, and my Brother.  So, that means lots of parties and birthday shopping.  The decorations from my birthday party are still up.

4.  Thanksgiving, which is a big deal with my Dad's side of the family.  They take turns every year, and this year is our turn.  People come into town from all different states (not like my Mom's family, who all live in the same state).

5.  My other Grandfather (not the one born in November) had surgery, and is not doing well at all now....

6.  Because of my Grandfather not doing well, my Uncle is flying into town from the East Coast, and will be staying at our house.

7.  I have been doing a book club with some of my friends since June 2014.  We meet once a month at my house.  With all this stuff going on, I do have to make preparations. The house has to be clean.  I make snacks.  I also prepare discussion questions.  This is usually not a big deal, but with all of the other things going on, this is more of a big deal.

8.  My mother will be working more than she usually does, and that means I will have more housework to do than usual.

9.  My family is down to two cars (we've had three for most of my life).  My father's car has been in the shop this week, and last week, for repairs.  That meant carpooling my Dad to work & home last week.  Thankfully, he has a loaner car this week!

10.  We live on a farm (well, my Mom calls it a homestead).  Let me elaborate, we have 33 chickens, one rooster, one Guinea, and 5 baby chicks, also, a pony (we did have a horse, too, until just a couple months ago), three kittens, and one puppy.  This causes craziness, more than just the taking care of the animals and stuff.  Such as, when your chicken decides to hatch little chicks in your neighbors rose bushes, that means that weekend you have to clear your schedule to move them home.  Or when your pony gets colic, you forego all plans that you had that day.  Or when your kitten gets stuck up a tree, you don't go to bed until 4 am.  Or when the vet thinks your horse has cancer (not the pony, but the horse) and you have to take him to a horse sanctuary to live... and you can't get him loaded in the trailer, and it takes all day to him there.  And that is just some of the more major things... not the everyday craziness.

11.  Then there is just every day life... you know eating, sleeping, and bathing.  There is barely any time for everyday stuff.  What did I eat today???  Um, why am I not asleep (it's past 3 am!)???  I did shower today!  :)

12.  All the days that I'm all like, "I'm FREE!  I don't have a thing to do!", then my dreams are CRUSHED, because all this crazy goes down.

So, I'm not going to post any more in November.  I am going to try to keep my Instagram and Goodreads updated.  If you want to follow me, my name is Marklessgirl on both of them.

Monday, October 27, 2014

The Princess Spy Book Review

The Princess Spy by Melanie Dickerson is the 5th book in Melanie's Fairy Tale re-telling series, this is her Frog Prince re-telling, I have previously reviewed all of her fairy tale re-tellings of Snow White(The Fairest Beauty), Cinderella (The Captive Maiden), Sleeping Beauty (The Healer's Apprentice), and Beauty and the Beast (The Merchant's Daughter).

This is my review from Goodreads : 

I was given an Advance Reading Copy of this book, but that didn't affect how much I loved it! This is about Margaretha (Duke Wilhelm's, the hero from The Healer's Apprentice, eldest daughter). Margaretha has a new suitor visiting, Lord Claybrook. At the same time, an injured foreigner arrives at the castle. Margaretha is one of the few people who speaks the foreigner's language. The stranger tells her that Lord Claybrook is evil. She has to decide whether to trust him, or not. The stranger implores her to spy on Lord Claybrook. What she discovers while spying is shocking! Dunt, Dunt, Dun!

You may have heard that this is a Frog Prince re-telling. I won't ruin the surprise of how Melanie Dickerson makes this happen, because it is so cool. I will only conform that how she makes the Frog Prince is amazing. 

This book connects all of Melanie Dickerson's fairy tale re-tellings. If you were wondering how The Merchant's Daughter fits in with the rest of the books, you will wonder no longer after reading The Princess Spy. I won't ruin that surprise for you either, but I LOVE how she wove them together.

Reading this book will keep you on the edge of your seat, or bed, or where ever you are reading. You will want to live in the 1400's. You may forget about modern conveniences, and you won't even care. WARNING: You may experience a "book hangover", or "book mourning period", after reading this book. Yes, The Princess Spy is that good.

Not from my Goodreads review:

I have read the original Frog Price Fairy Tale and really liked it. I didn't know how Melanie Dickerson would incorporate those elements into The Princess Spy, but she does it very well.   I really loved reading from Margaretha's point of view, because I already liked her character from other books in the series.

This book will be published on the 4th of November.  Some time after that, I will be posting a Spoiler Review.  I feel like this is the most adventurous of the the Fairy Tale series.  I had a lot of fun reading The Princess Spy.  I think this is my favorite of Melanie Dickerson's Fairy Tale books, but I have a previous commitment of The Merchant's Daughter being my favorite.  And I have loyalty issues about changing my favorite.  

Fun things about this book:

I stayed up until almost 6:00AM finishing the book.  I just couldn't put it down!

This historically accurate book is set in April 1413. 

My copy is signed by the author.

My parents had this book on pre-order for me before I knew I was recieving it as an ARC (for my birthday, which is just after the release date).

Recommended for:

This is a book for all ages, no worries about elements I mentioned in The Healer's Apprentice and The Merchant's Daughter.  


I am super excited for the Rupunzel re-telling that will be out next  year!

Friday, October 24, 2014

The Merchant's Daughter Book Review

The Merchant's Daughter by Melanie Dickerson is the second, or first, (if you read it in publication or chronological order) in her Fairy Tale re-telling series. This book is her Beauty and the Beast re-telling. I have previously reviewed her Snow White re-telling, her Cinderella re-telling and her Sleeping Beauty re-telling. 

Annabel was the daughter of a wealthy merchant. Her father has died, and now her family is running out of money. They are very in debt to the Lord of the land.  So in debt, in fact, that they have to send one of their family to work for him full time. Annabel sees that her family is a bit suck up, so she decides to be the indentured servant from her family. The Lord of the land is known as a beastly guy. And that pretty much all I am going to say about the plot line.

This is a story of true love, not infatuation, or attraction because of good looks.  This was a story of getting know each other, and falling in love with a personality, and appreciating their looks after that.  I enjoyed the sweet, what I imagine to be real-life, love story.  Beauty and the Beast is my favorite fairy tale.  I enjoy both the Disney version and the classic fairy tale.  I also like the movie "Belle and the Beast".  The Merchant's Daughter did not disappoint, but only added to my appreciation of this classic fairy tale.

This book is Historical Fiction set in 1352, making it the first book of the series in Chronological order. Like the other books, this one has Christian elements as part of everyday life: the characters read the Bible, pray, go to church, and grow in their faith. I love this book! I am planing on doing a review were I tell all the things about the book, in detail.

This book has a lot of crazy things in it, like Tom the Bailiff, I do not like him. You need to be a bit of a older peep to read this. because of sexual harassment (it doesn't go too far, but it exists).  As I've said in some of the other reviews, it really depends on the peep if they are ready to read this book. This is made for teens, and I think a bit before being a teen you could read this maybe. I think a lot of peeps who are out of their teens they could read this and love it.  This was my favorite book in the series, but I have commitment issues.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Healer's Apprentice Book Review

The Healer's Apprentice by Melanie Dickerson is the first book published in Melanie's Fairy Tale Re-telling Series (2nd book in chronological order), and it's her Sleeping Beauty re-telling. I have previously reviewed her Snow White re-telling and her Cinderella re-telling.  The "Sleeping Beauty" is named Rose. Rose's "Dad" is a woodcutter and her "Mom" is obsessed with getting her married off to some one she picks who has money. Rose does not want to get married and has been chosen to be the healer's apprentice (a rare opportunity for a woodcutter's kid) at the castle, but she is not so good at her job.

This book is also about Lord Hamlin (the future Duke) who's betrothed has been in hiding for a long time, because an evil man wants her dead. Lord Hamlin is trying to find the evil dude, so his betrothed can come out of hiding.  Then they can married, and she will be safe.

The book really gets going when the main healer is not home and Lord Hamlin gets injured. Rose must tend to his injures all by herself. A bit after that she realizes that she has some feelings for him. And that's all I am going to tell you about the plot line, because SPOILERS!

The Healer's Apprentice is a very well done Historical fiction set in 1386. I really love this book! The Healer's Apprentice is a great Sleeping Beauty re-telling. Sleeping Beauty is not my favorite fairy tale, but I really loved how this book was written, and not like the Disney version.  I don't remember if I've read the original fairy tale, as I have for most of these.  If I did, there was nothing insane to make the tale stick out in my mind.

This book has Christian/Spiritual elements in it, such as, the characters read the Bible, pray, grow in their faith..... oh, yes and in this one in particular one, someone gets possessed by a evil spirit, and that may have made you not want to read this book now. Just let me tell you that THAT is done SO well.  If you are a Christian, and you are worried about the demon possession, the ordeal is done in a Biblical manner.

There is also some fear of, and slight, sexual harassment.  This book, out of all of Melanie Dickerson's books, has the most difficult topics (that are oh so historically accurate).  Not all of her books have this type of subject matter.

I really think The Fairest Beauty and The Captive Maiden could be read at a younger age than this book, because they don't have the subject matter I referenced above. In saying that, I am sill going to say that if a mature 10 or 11 year old is reading and understanding the Bible, I think they can completely read this book. Having said that I do not think ALL 11 year olds could and or should read The Healer's Apprentice.  I personally think I would not been "scarred for life" reading this book at a young age.  This book is geared toward "teens", but I think a lot of humans well of their "teens" would love it too.

Friday, October 17, 2014

The Captive Maiden Book Review

The Captive Maiden by Melanie Dickerson is the 4th book in her Fairy Tale Re-telling Series. This one is her Cinderella re-telling. I have previously reviewed Melanie's "Snow White" re-telling, which is titled The Fairest Beauty. Gisela is "Cinderella," and as it goes in Cinderella, Gisela's Mother dies. Then her Father dies, after re-marrying a not-at-all-nice lady who already has two daughters, who are also are not so nice.

The story really gets going when Valten and Gisela see each other riding horses, and then meet in the market place. When Gisela she has to leave, Valten asks her to PLEASE come to the tournament and Ball/Balls. As usual, her stepmother says "I do not want you going. You are just a servant girl." But then she goes to the tournament, and the "Prince character," Valten, is like "I like you. Come to the ball with me?". And the "evil stepmother character" is all like "No way are you going. I am going to lock you up!". And the "prince" saves her AND they live Happily Ever After. So, you think that's what you are getting in to, but this book is not all like that! For instance, there is a Ball,  or I should say Balls, because there are more than one. Also, there is more then one evil person who is after Gisela. The Captive Maiden is way more adventurous than the normal/average Cinderella story. In this version, Gisela loves horses. Her dad was a Knight, and then horse breeder, for the Duke.  So, she has been around horses all her life. This is a historical fiction set in 1412. The Captive Maiden does have Christian elements throughout the book, such as, the characters pray and they grow in their faith.            

This is not my favorite Melanie Dickerson book, but I do still like it very much, and think it is a good read. I think the reason I did not like The Captive Maiden as much is because I did not feel I related to Gisela's personality, or even how she looks.  But I know, one of my friends who read it, and happens to looks like Gisela, and is personality-wise like her, really loved this book.

The Captive Maiden is another hard one to recommend an age for.  I would say age 10, taking in to consideration what they have read (like if they are still reading a Children's Bible, or the real deal), because of the content of the story.  Also, for their reading level, because I still think only some 10 year olds would have the vocabulary to read this book. The Captive Maiden is geared toward teenage audiences, but I personally think a LOT of peps who are well out of their "teens" would love it! There is some kissing and a bit of violence (I think you can guess that from the fact that there is a tournament and it's in 1412). This book is very connected to the other books especially The Fairest Beauty, because they are so close in the time line and there is a lot of character overlap.

Monday, October 13, 2014

The Fairest Beauty Book Review

I apologize for lack of blog posts, and failure of new pictures.  I have had continued technical difficulties with computer and camera.  My Mother and my Brother were in a car accident, and life has been crazy.  We are also re-modeling our kitchen... I am so tired of living in a construction zone!  So, this is an old picture, but I will get on with the review!  Thank you, for your patience.
The Fairest Beauty By Melanie Dickerson is the first book by Melanie Dickerson that I read, even though it is her 3rd book. This book is part of her Fairy Tale series.  The Fairest Beauty is her Snow White re-telling, "Snow White" is named Sophie. One of the things that sets these books apart from the many fairy tale re-tellings is that Melanie Dickerson's books have Christian elements throughout the story.  The characters pray, they read the Bible, and they grow in their faith.

Just like in the original fairy tale, Sophie is so pretty that the evil Duchess (the Queen character) wants her dead, because she is more beautiful than her.  The book really gets going when one of the Duchess's servants, Pinnosa, escapes to tell Sophie's betrothed that she still lives, because the betrothed's family thinks Sophie is dead. Sophie's betrothed is injured, so he can not go and rescue her at that time, but his younger brother is like "I can do it, pick me!". So, some things happen and younger brother, Gabe, goes to rescue her. That's all I can tell you about the plot line. But I can say that this book is SO historically accurate! That is another thing I adore about these books.  It is set in... um, well, I just looked at my book, and it does not say. If I had to guess, I would have to say from when the next book is set, and how much time has passed, 1410 or 1411.                                                                                                                                                        
I LOVED this book!!! I read this book so fast. And I loved how the book was told from a lot of the characters point of views, because you know how in some books you just want to know what one of the other characters is thinking, but you don't get to know. And it makes you CRAZY! The Fairest Beauty will not make you crazy in that way. I give The Fairest Beauty 5 stars! As I have said I love it! This is a hard one to recommend, because I think so many ages would love this book. As for reading this if you are younger, I think some 10 year olds could read it and it be good for them, and for others, they would not be ready for it yet. There is a little kissing, a little violence, and some blood.  This is a book for "teens", but I think a lot of people out of their teens would love this, too. My Mother is far beyond her teens, but she LOVES to  hear me tell her about these books, and read her excerpts.  I know she would have read them already, if she had more time.

I really related to Sophie, because we have similar personalities.  I felt like she acted the same way I would in her situations.  I feel like a lot of the time, especially in books that have a love story in them, the characters do not communicate and it's just like: TALK! But they don't. That is not what happens in this one. A fun thing about The Fairest Beauty is that it just (on the 11th of October, this year) won the Maggie Award. You may be wondering why I did not review The Healer's Apprentice first, that is because I am reviewing the books in the way that I read them, as opposed to publication date, or chronological order.

The order I read these books is:  The Fairest Beauty, The Captive Maiden, The Healer's Apprentice, The Merchant's Daughter, and The Princess Spy (YES, The Princess Spy!  No, it's not out yet... I got my first ARC!!!!).
The Publication order is:  The Healer's Apprentice, The Merchant's Daughter, The Fairest Beauty, The Captive Maiden, and then The Princess Spy.
The Chronological order is: The Merchant's Daughter, The Healer's Apprentice, The Fairest Beauty, The Captive Maiden, and The Princess Spy.

Another awesome fact about these books is that are all connected to each other with family members from different families, throughout generations.

FYI: I plan to do a spoiler review on this book.  There is so much I want to talk about, but I don't want to ruin the reading experience for those who have not had a chance to read this fabulous book yet.  Also, I don't want to leave out anything, so I want to re-read thoroughly before I write that review.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Destination Unknown Book Review

Destination Unknown by Amy Clipston is the companion novel, or sequel, to Roadside Assistance which I reviewed back in March.  This book is focuses around Whitney, who is the cousin of the main character, Emily, in Roadside Assistance.  This book picks up a few months after Roadside Assistance.  If you have not read Roadside Assistance, you can still read Destination Unknown without reading that one first.  If you were put off by the idea that Roadside Assistance had a lot of car talk, you can rest assured this book does not.  You can enjoy Destination Unknown as a stand alone.  If you liked Roadside Assistance, you'll will like this book, too.  For those of you "Book Nerds", like myself (or avid readers, if you prefer... I'm not offended by the word nerd, it's all chill with me), this story has book talk like Roadside Assistance had car talk.

This book kicks off on Valentine's Day.  And Whitney has recently gotten a D in Calculus.  Her mother is flipping out, because "Oh, no my daughter will not get into the perfect school (my Alma mater)!". So, mom gets her a tutor, which Whitney is very embarrassed about, because she herself is a tutor.  Her tutor ends up being a boy she used to be friends with when she was younger.

A lot has changed since they were friends.  Her mother has molded her into what her mother wished she was herself back in high school (fake blonde, Captain of the Varsity Cheerleaders, perfect grades, high society boyfriend and so-called friends).  Whitney feels like a fraud.  Because of her Mom's influence, she cares a lot about what others say and think about her.  Her tutor, Taylor, still likes her for who she is underneath the surface, and encourages her to be herself.

This book is the journey of Whitney rediscovering her true self, God's plan for her life, her real friends, what's really important, and what road she's heading down.  Whitney and Taylor might be more than just friends.  Whitney's Mom cannot stand that idea, or that Whitney is embracing her natural beauty.  Sadly, Whitney's Mom cannot even stand that she is coaching Taylor's little sister to try out for cheerleading.

I really like this book.  It was awesome!  I have already read it twice.  I first read this book back in May.

I recommend this book for ages 11 and up.  Mature 11 year olds who are already thinking about their future, as I was at age 8, should enjoy this book.  The main characters are Seniors in high school, so this is really written for teens, especially high schoolers, but younger girls could enjoy this book, too.  The book has like two or so kisses in it, but they are not at all descriptive.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Goals for this School Year

This week's post was supposed to be a book review, in reference to my quote "THE KING REIGNS... AND HIS SON!",  but I had some serious technical difficulties with loading pictures. So, instead of that, you have the great privilege of reading my Goals for this School Year.

Goals for 2014-2015 School Year:
Learn how to play guitar .
 I did know how to play the guitar a little bit, But it was not much and I was only 6!

 become a fluent Spanish speaker
I have known how to speak basic Spanish since I was about 4 I have been able to count to 10 and say hello and goodbye , but I'd like to continue and be fluent.

Write a book (or at least finish outlining my book)

Save money
I am not bad at saving money , but I not so good .

Debate something with someone from church

Maintain my blog by writing at least one post a week

Be healthy!

Perform in a production

Finish choreographing at least one more dance
 Just so you know I have been working with a dance studio for close to 4 months.

Read at least one book a month

Have a real day of rest every week.
and that's all I have .

Friday, July 4, 2014

Markless Kitty

I'm Marklessgirl, and this is my kittten: Markless-kitty (and his brother and sister).

This is my kitten and he is adorableness (so is my tie-dye shirt).  This is the day we first got him, and he is tiny.  Now he is bigger, because it's been almost two months since we got them.

There's him getting some milk and water, and looking so tiny and pitiful.

There is his brother and sister, and he wants to play with them.  His brother is always sleeping.  My kitten is always playing, and he bites, too.

 My kitten is crossing his arms.  He's just way too cute.  AWWW!!!  This is a few weeks after we brought the kittens home.

There are all the kittens sleeping with their toys.  This is from the day after we brought them home.

I love our kittens. They are so playful and cute.  I just want to play with them and kiss them all day.  Only that would not work, because I'm allergic to them.  I know, I'm crazy.  I'm allergic to cats and I own one.  We also have other animals, and I'm allergic to most of them, too.  Even though I have to take allergy pills, I love cuddling these kittens.  They make me smile and give me happiness.

Today is the 4th of July, so Happy Independence Day, if you are an American!  I was going to do a post about the 4th of July, but I decided not to.  I watched fireworks today.  I ate macaroni and cheese (isn't that an American staple?).  I dressed super cute, too. I'd show you a picture, but I didn't take any.  I wore my white eyelet skirt from the Thrift Store Clothing Haul, my Superman t-shirt, and for a little tiny part of the day, my American flag denim vest... but I got too hot, just like I did when I tried to wear my vest last year.  I also wore blue Okabashi flip flops (made in the USA, so super 4th of July).


You'll soon know what that means, if you don't already, from my next blog post.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Homeschoolers Get Bullied, Too

It's a false stereotype that homeschoolers don't get bullied.  As you may, or may not, know, I have been homeschooled since the cradle.  I've been bullied at church, at homeschool co-ops, at homeschool support groups, and pretty much any where there are people.

From a young age, I was very confident and did not care what anybody thought of me, except for God, who is the only one that matters.  I dressed the way I wanted.  I knew who I was.  And I knew I wanted to impact the world in an artistic way.  I was in elementary school when my one of my best friends moved away. And my other best friend started public school, so we weren't able to hang out much anymore.  I felt very alone, like I didn't have any friends.  I just wanted a friend again, someone to hang out with, who was homeschooled.   I got a friend, but not a good one.

My new friend was a not a very nice girl, and made fun of me all the time.  Anything I would do, what I was wearing, what I was doing, how I was singing, what movies I was watching, how I painted my nails, EVERYTHING!  She would make fun of me everyday I saw her, and occasionally, I would see her everyday of the week.  The worst thing is, I didn't realize the extent to which she was bullying me, or how her words were affecting me, until we had a been "BFFFFF" for close to six years.  Six years is a long time to be "friends" with a mean girl.  She had put me down so much, that I didn't think I was good at anything.  One of the worst parts was that I was no longer dressing the way that I actually wanted to.  I just dressed how I didn't think I would get picked on, or made fun of.

Also, before I had even met my new "BFF", I had been bullied in a homeschool support group for how I dressed, and big time picked on if I carried a purse.  To this day, I am afraid of getting made fun of for carrying a purse, which is stupid, because even toddlers carry purses.  I shouldn't be afraid to carry a purse!

After all that stuff happened, I am finally getting back to, years later, what my actual style is in dressing the way I want to dress and not worrying what other people think.  I'm not all the way there yet, but I'm working on getting my confidence back.

A good thing about myself personally is that I know who I am and what my style is.  Some people have to do the "Who am I" search.  I know who I am, I just wasn't being myself for a few years.

I've been getting into wearing a lot of skirts and dresses lately.  I really like them.  But I recently started going to church that is kind of known for the the girls in the family only wearing skirts, like a Duggar situation kind of thing.  I don't want anyone to think that I am being forced to wear a skirt, or that I will never wear pants again.  I just like skirts and dresses.  I'll still wear jeans when I want to.

I was really inspired to write this, because of reading a post from the homeschool author, Rachel Coker.  Her post is called "Say Yes To The Dress", which is the story of her experience in changing her own style and wearing dresses more.  I really connected with the message, and wanted to share my own experience.  She also has a fashion blog with one of her sisters, and it's really awesome, they dress really adorable.  I would love to dress like them. Their clothes are so cute! 

Friday, June 27, 2014

Book Haul #3

(Prepare to read this next sentence with a British accent)  My second cousin is a very nice human, and she gave me three very lovely novels.  (Okay, you stop with the British accent now... unless you're British, then carry on!)

 You many recognize the name Betsy, and the author, Maud Hart Lovelace from Book Haul #2.  This is one of the books in the Betsy Series.  I now need to buy more of them and read them all!!!  Betsy and Joe is about Betsy when she is 17.  She falls in love in this book.  This is the seventh book in the series.

 Betsy and the Great World is number eight in the Betsy series.  Betsy is age 22 in this book, and she travels the world.

I started reading Beverly Gray's Surprise TODAY!  The book is really good so far!  This is the last book in the Beverly Gray series.  Yes, I'm reading the end first.  Beverly Gray has auburn hair, because all girl detectives have to have blonde, or auburn, hair.  She reminds me of Bella Kirkwood from A Charmed Life series by Jenny B. Jones, or rather what she would be like in college almost 100 years ago.  I found out today from The Series Books for Girls site, that Clair Blank wrote the first four Beverly Gray books while she was still in high school, and was a published author by age 18!  Wow!  I want to be published now, so I can be cool like Rachel Coker and Clair Blank!

These books are super special, because they were given to my second cousin by her grandmother, and now she is giving them to me! :)

Friday, June 20, 2014

Thrift Store Clothing Haul

So, I started going to a church where people dress up on Sunday mornings.  I've been to churches my whole life where you wear jeans and a non-stained t-shirt.  If you dressed up, wearing a dress, people make fun of you.  This happened, to me.  "Last time I wear a dress," I thought.  But I thought wrong, because now I need to dress up, so I had to go shopping.  And since I don't like spending a lot of money on clothing, I went to Goodwill (for all but one thing, my Mom found at Salvation Army, and texted me to see if I would like it).

This first dress, is from Goodwill.  I look like a secretary, so my Brother says. I'm not sure If I actually think so, and I don't like the sandals that I am wearing with this.  I've been shopping for dress shoes (not at the thrift store) multiple times, and haven't found what I'm looking for.  This dress is from the 90's, I'm guessing, but my style is a little crazy for dressy clothing, you know, since I haven't hardly ever worn anything dressy.  So, I guess I should add 90's clothing for my list of stuff that I like that is dressy.  The other things on my list are Nancy Drew style outfits, and like 40's style, and Nancy Drew was in 40's style dress in several of her movies, and I like Boho (Bohemian) stuff.

 I first need to address the tank top situation.  I could not find the tank top that I usually wear with this top, which is all lace, and would be scandalous without a tank top underneath.  So, my Mother loaned me one of hers.  I don't like the way this one looks, I like my tank top WAY better.  The top and skirt are both from Goodwill.  The shoes are from a shoe store in a mall in Kansas from 1995.  The whereabouts of the origins of how I obtained these shoes shall remain a secret.  This is a Nancy Drew look.

This is a Nancy Drew/Gallagher Girl Academy look.  If you don't know what Gallagher Girl Academy is, it's a book series about a private girls school that secretly trains spies (you should definitely go check it out!).  This skirt is from Salvation Army.  I stole the white button up from my Mother, I need to get one for myself, but I have yet to do so.  The boots are from a random local shoe store.  I got them last December.

The back of this outfit is the same skirt and shoes as the second outfit (you know, the one with the black lace top).  

I got the top from Goodwill.  My Mom found it for me.  We were shopping together.  And when she showed it to me, I was like "Ooooh, it's gorgeous!  I hope it fits me!"  You can't really tell, but it has a really cute Peter Pan Collar, but my hair is blocking it.

This is the outfit that I wore on Father's Day.  I got the t-shirt from Walmart, plain white t-shirt.  The skirt is a silk skirt, you know like fancy shmancy, like 80% silk, Tommy Bahamas brand.  The shoes are the same from the last outfit.

It's hard to tell from the picture, but this skirt is a white eyelet (lacy look) overlay.  The shoes my Mother gave to me, they are old, but she never wore them.  I actually broke them, falling in them, right after this photo was taken.  The jean shirt is a clearance find from Walmart.  I told you I don't like to spend much money on clothing.  The hat from all the photos is from Walmart, also on clearance, from like 2012.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Interrupted Book Review

Interrupted by Rachel Coker is about Alcyone (said Al-cee-u-nee), but she goes by Allie, and that is what we're going to call her for the rest of the book review.  This book starts out in 1939 and goes all the way through 1945 (World War II).  Allie turns 14 at the beginning of the book.  The book is written in two parts.  In Part Two, she skips to age 18, and by the end of the book,  she is 20 years old.

Allie's mother is dying of cancer.  Allie was born the year her Mom turned 47, she was her "miracle baby."  Only her Mom doesn't believe in God.  She and her mother have a little orange kitten, and a beautiful garden at their home in Tennessee.  Allie doesn't think she has a friend in the world, there's just annoying Sam Carroll, who follows her around everywhere.

Shortly after her 14th birthday, her mother dies, and she is sent to be adopted by Miss Beatrice Lovell in Maine.  Miss Beatrice is an older Christian woman whose husband has died.  She only has her daughter, Irene, and now her new daughter, Allie.

Shortly after she arrives in Maine, she meets a new girl named Charlotte.  Charlotte insists that everyone call her Charlie.  Allie and Charlie become fast friends.

Each chapter begins with part of an Emily Dickinson poem.  Allie very much enjoys Emily Dickinson, and is an aspiring poet.  Her Emily Dickinson poetry book was one of the few things she was able to bring to Maine.  This book is a great way to introduce someone to poetry, because there is just four lines of a poem at the beginning of each of the eighteen chapters.  I like poetry, but I never read much of it.  I enjoyed reading a little bit of poetry throughout the book.

The author definitely did a lot of historical research into the time period that she wrote about.  You can see the depth of her research to make this book authentic to the time period in the description of the clothing and styles.  Also, the musicians, actors, and the movie in the book were perfectly placed.  The differing attitudes towards the war were also well depicted.

The romance was really sweet without being overly physical.  There is not even one kiss, but the reader still feels like there is nothing missing to the romance.  Actually, there are multiple romantic stories going on with different characters in the book.  I would not classify this book as a Romance.  I think my nine year old cousin would enjoy this book, but my grandma would probably really like the story, too.

Character development throughout the book was really, really good.  I appreciate character development in a book, because in real life we are constantly changing and growing.  The growth of the characters was depicted really well, not just in the main characters, but also in the side characters.  The book is Allie's journey from a teen to an adult, from a non-believer to a believer, and from a sweet teenager, to a bitter teenager, to a joyful adult.

This is homeschool author Rachel Coker's debute novel.  I previously reviewed her second novel, Chasing Jupiter.  This book was definitely not as sad as Chasing Jupiter.  I loved the characters in Chasing Jupiter, but I like Interrupted even better.  Actually, Interrupted has surpassed The Outsiders as my favorite stand alone novel.  I gave this book five out of five stars.  I'm recommending this book for ages 9 until you're dead, but if a younger child is going to read this, take into account that there is death, sadness, war, and a little bit of romance, so this is not for just any 9 year old.

Now, I'm going to talk about spoilers.  If you don't want to know any more about this book, before you read the story yourself, stop now.  Do not read any further, unless you don't mind some spoilers.  They're mainly just me talking about my favorite and least favorite parts of the book, but I wouldn't want to read what I'm about to write, if I had not read the book yet.  Now's your chance to stop reading.


I felt soooo bad for Sam when he got Allie exactly what she wanted for her birthday.  She just treated him so badly.  Rude!

When her Mom died, it wasn't too sad, because you already know that her Mom is going to die.  I was super sad, and crying, when she couldn't take her kitten with her.  I have a kitten, and I was thinking how sad I would feel to leave my little baby kitten.  I was really happy, when later in the book, Sam tells Allie that the people who are living in her old house were taking care of the kitten.

When Allie and Charlie first met, I didn't really like Charlie.  As the book went along, I wound up really liking Charlie.

I really liked the scene when Allie is at a party, and she sees Sam for the first time in four years.  Allie doesn't recognize him at first.  When she does finally recognize him, she is embarrassed, because he knew who she was the whole time.

I thought it was really nice of Sam to pretty much set Allie up to be adopted by Miss Beatrice.  Otherwise, she could have ended up at an orphanage, or in the foster care system (if it existed back then), and just had a really rough life.  Her life was already rough, it didn't need to be any worse.

I really like how gentlemanly Sam was all the time.  He would bow in the middle of a grocery store.  He kissed ladies hands.  He made me wish for an old fashioned man.

I really liked the scene where Allie, Sam, Russell, Charlie, and Irene go to the movies, but some of them decide to leave early and go to the fair.  Then they all go on the Ferris wheel, and Allie was all scared of heights.  She was exactly like I was on the Ferris wheel, except I didn't have a handsome gentleman sitting next to me, or a young man below me who needed to use the restroom.  Also, I didn't get stuck on the top of the Ferris wheel.  And I didn't miss curfew, because the Ferris wheel got stuck, even though I think I was out later than she was.

I especially liked when Allie and Sam went driving in the country to get paint thinner.  They talked about where they wanted to live when they were older.  They both wanted to live in the country.  Sam obviously wanted to live with Allie, but she didn't take the hint, and the whole thing is just adorable.

When Sam was younger, he cut his hands on roses helping Allie in her garden in Tennessee. In Maine, he cuts his foot on the beach with her.  Both times, Allie bandages him up.  I loved how she said the same things to him both times.  After the cut on the beach, he says "Once again, I thank you for tending my wounds." (pg 183).

I want this book to be made into a movie.  I could play Allie, because I think I look the most like her.  I would happily play any of the female characters, though I don't look like them.

Later, Allie finds out that Sam is going off to war with Russell.  She totally freaks out and runs after him.  She leaves the soda shop, and hops in her car to go talk with him.  She shoves him, and they argue about him going to war.  Allie admits that she loves him, and hits him with her high heel!  I couldn't help laughing picturing the whole thing.  Sam asks her to marry him then and there.  Allie accepts his proposal.  Sam goes off to war, and they agree to write to one another.

On the other hand, Charlie and Russell get married before he leaves for war.  That was actually a stipulation of his parents.  Russell had to get married before he could become a soldier.

I had a bunch of theories, and only three of them actually happened. One was that Sam would become a soldier and go off to the war.  The second was that he would go missing in action.  The third was that his leg would get injured.

Allie becomes a Christian while Sam is off in the war (he was already a Christian).  Allie reads her adopted Mom's Bible outside, and accidentally leaves it out in the rain.  She reads the records in the Bible and sees the events in Miss Beatrice's life, leading up to her first daughter dying, and then the adoption of Irene.  Allie always thought Miss Beatrice loved Irene more because she was her "real" child, but really they were both adopted all along.  Miss Beatrice loved them both the same, regardless of being adopted.

Sam comes back from the war at the end of the book.  It's a sweet happy ending.  I could have used a few more chapters, like of their wedding day.  Actually I would have loved an epilogue of five year later, their house in the country, the children with weird star names like Alcyone, and just more happiness.

Monday, June 9, 2014

The Song Movie Review

Sorry this post is a few days late...

On Tuesday, the 3rd, I was lucky enough to be able to attend a pre-screening of The Song movie that will not be released until September 26th.  The lighting and editing was not complete, but this movie was still really good.  I didn't see anything wrong with the lighting, but I'm not an expert at that.  Actually, there was one scene in particular, that I thought the lighting was amazing, where the audience is not quite sure who is with the main character.  We found out after the screening, that was exactly what the movie makers intended.

Movie Poster is a free download from

"So, what is the movie about?" you may be asking.  Well, let me tell you.  The movie is a modern Biblical re-telling of Solomon's life, you know King David's son.  Solomon wrote Song of Solomon, Proverbs, and Ecclesiastes.

I have read all of Song of Solomon, because I was a rebellious child.  I found out that book of the Bible was really scandalous, and I wanted to read something really scandalous, so I read Song of Solomon.  When I read Song of Solomon, I thought that the writing was beautiful.  I have read some of Proverbs, and a little bit of Ecclesiastes.  Watching the movie, reminded me of reading Song of Solomon and Proverbs, because there were direct quotes from both of those that I recognized in the voice over and the songs.

The very beginning of the movie was about King David, aka David King's, life.  I wasn't sure how much they were going to go into King David's life.  I also wasn't sure how they would modernize the whole situation with Bathsheba.  I won't spoil the opening scenes for you.  I will just tell you that was done very nicely.

In the movie, the main character's name is not Solomon, his name is Jed.  His father, David King, is a country music star.  You will still  like the movie if you don't like country music, because it's not hard core country music.  I don't enjoy much country music, but I do have an appreciation for the art, and I really enjoyed the movie.  Honestly, I really enjoyed this particular music, too.  I hope there is a soundtrack, because I need it!

This movie is not a watered down Bible re-telling.  There is scandalous stuff in the Bible, and there is scandalous stuff in this movie.  There are adult situations: drugs, alcohol, adultery, and a honeymoon.  All that being said, none of the bad stuff is glorified.  Also, there is no nudity, and there is only one on screen kiss.  WARNING though, if you are over the age of like 10, or 11, you will probably figure out what is going on that we don't see on the screen.

The Song is definitely one of my top five favorite movies.  The movie is a lot about spiritual growth, finding out who you are, marriage, family, and learning what is important in life.  I recommend this movie for ages 12, or 13,  and up, depending on maturity level and knowledge of the Bible history this movie is based on.  Go see The Song opening weekend, mark the date on your calendar, September 26, 2014!

Friday, May 30, 2014


Leggings, Dahling, I love leggings.  But I should probably write an introduction before I get into that.  This is going to be a blog post about all my favorites everything from leggings to food.  (thumbs up, with a wink, and a click {like in the movies})

You can learn a lot about a person by finding out what their favorite things are.  What really tells you about a person is why those things are their favorites.

My favorite book (not including the Bible):  The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton.  I like how the author handles the topics of death, drugs, and alcohol.  You can read my review for more on why I like this book.

My favorite series:  A Charmed Life Series by Jenny B. Jones, but it could switch to The Anomaly Series by Krista McGee when the last book is released.  I like A Charmed Life Series, because the book sounded really cliche, but turned out to nothing of the sort.  The author dealt with difficult topics very well, and even when things were hard, the humor kept things light-hearted.  I will write a review on this series eventually.

My favorite current TV show:  Agents of Shield is a very awesome show.  I really like the Avengers and how the show is like super spies. The show keeps me on the edge of my seat.  The cliffhangers at the end keep me coming back for more. And  I am always theorizing the next plot twist through every show.

My favorite classic TV show:  This is a  tie between "The Beverly Hillbillies" and "The Dukes of Hazzard".  "The Beverly Hillbillies" and "The Dukes of Hazzard" are my childhood.  I grew up watching them on dvd.

My favorite movie:  God's Not Dead is awesome, because I like how it dealt with other religions, atheism, trusting God, and standing up for your beliefs.  I really like the song "God's Not Dead" from the Newsboys, so bonus.  I really like all the all the actors like David A.R. White, Shane Harper, and Kevin Sorbo.  I also like Duck Dynasty, so it was cool that Willie and Korie Roberston were in the movie.  I cried in the movie, and I don't cry in a lot of movies (actually only in two movies), so that was an accomplishment.

My favorite color:  Green is my favorite color, I tried to change my favorite color, but it didn't work.  The only thing happened is the walls of my room got painted blue.  An old Indian guy told me that green is the color that means you love the outdoors and/or are creative and artistic. And I'd say that's me.

My favorite color that I dyed my hair:  Red is my favorite, because it stayed the longest and looked the best on my natural hair color, and with my skin tone.  I just dip dyed my hair, not my whole head.

My favorite leggings:  My Avengers leggings are my favorite.

My favorite food:  Rigatoni!  This is the meal that we make for holidays with my Dad's side of the family.  It's their recipe.  I like my Mom to make it the best.  Here is a link the the recipe, since you probably want to eat Rigatoni now.

My favorite sweet:  Popsicles are my favorite. Lime Outshine bars and Yasso Vanilla Bean Frozen Greek Yogurt are my top picks.

My favorite season: Autumn is my favorite season, because the weather is getting cooler, and my birthday is during this season.

My favorite board game:  The Game of Life is my board game of choice, because you get to buy a house, you get to have a cute little car, the game is not as competitive as Monopoly, and tragedies can happen.

My favorite genre of music:  Christian, especially Christian Rap.

My favorite author:  A tie between Krista McGee and Jenny B. Jones.

My favorite singer:  Britt Nicole, female, and B. Reith, male.

My favorite band:   1 Girl Nation

My favorite fruit: This is really hard, I love fruit.  A good watermelon, or a banana, would be my choice fruit.

My favorite vegetable:  My favorite vegetable is broccoli, mmm, with cheese.  I also like broccoli just plain.

My favorite animal:  Is an elephant, because I always connected with the elephant as a child.  Elephants are one of the few animals I am not allergic to.  Also, both of our names share three letters.

My favorite candy:  This depends on whether you are asking me about candy that is going to kill me, or candy that is not going to kill me.  My favorite candy that is going to kill me is gummy lifesavers.  My favorite candy that will not kill me is Newman's Own Organic Dark Chocolate Peppermint Cups; they are organic, all natural, with no high fructose corn syrup, or any of that junk.

My favorite holiday:  Is St. Patrick's Day.  I really like St. Patrick's life story, and how he was a really good missionary to Ireland.  Also, GREEN, and Shamrock Shakes (homemade, not from McDonald's, because they will kill you, because high fructose corn syrup is the first ingredient).

My favorite style:
Hippie/Biker/Prep-school Student

My favorite Marvel superhero:  Is Thor

My favorite D.C. Comics superhero:  Is Man of Steel, aka Superman

Friday, May 23, 2014

Book Haul #2

I know I said these weren't going to happen a lot, but:  Ha, ha, ha, in my face!  Good thing I didn't say never, because I don't even want to think about me not having money for seven years (because I would be spending all my money on new books).

Luminary by Krista McGee, this was mentioned in my other book haul, but it wasn't really part of my 1st Book Haul.  You can read my review of Luminary by clicking HERE.

Betsy-Tacy by Maud Hart Lovelace is the first book in the Betsy Series.  I have read the 2nd, 3rd, and part of the 4th one (I was reading #4 last summer, and kind of forgot about it).  Book #2, Betsy, Tacy, and Tib was a gift from my Mom's cousin, Tracy.  They used to trade books when they were growing up, and since I like many of the same books my Mom liked, her cousin sent me the 2nd book in the series.  The series is based on the author's life growing up at the turn of the century (19th/20th century), but they were written in the 1940's and 50's.  The books start out when Betsy is age 5 and end in her 20's.  For a young girl starting out, it would be neat to start reading at age 5 or 6, and get a new book every year, or two years.  For a nice age progression in comparison to the books, you can check out the Betsy-Tacy Society page.

My Dad was bribing me (I like bribes!!!) to get my Mom to go to Walmart for him, so he offered to buy me a book. Does that man know what I love, or what?  So, this is Mom's Night Out by Tricia Goyer, a novel based on the movie "Mom's Night Out".  I saw the movie, and recommend it.  I laughed... A LOT!  I saw the movie with my Mom, the Friday before Mother's Day.  We attended the movie with my Grandparents (Mom's Mom & Dad), and my former AWANA Leader, and her daughters, who are my friends.  Before I got this book, I bought the novel for my Mother for Mother's Day.  I skimmed her book, and then I wanted one for myself.

The book is the first in the Katie Parker Production Series, called In Between by Jenny B. Jones.  This is the only Jenny B. Jones series, that I have not read.  I consider her one of my favorite authors, so I NEED to read all of her books.  Only two more to acquire, unless she writes another before I have completed these.

Interrupted by Rachel Coker is the first book written by the homeschool author.  I reviewed her 2nd book Chasing Jupiter last month.  That was a fun time, a fun crying time (tears, sobbing noises).  Her books are stand alones, which I want to read more of, because series are too much of a commitment, you know, like marriage. (No offense intended for all the married people.  I hope to be in your ranks someday. (Army Salute!))

You may recognize this book from my previous haul, Chasing Jupiter, by Rachel Coker.  Only this is not the same book. Dunt, dunt, dun.  Well, it has the same story inside, but the 1st book was hard cover, and this one is soft cover.  I am either going to do a giveaway here on my blog, or give this book to a friend.

The Merciful Scar by Rebecca St. James & Nancy Rue.  I have read the Sophie Series, and part of the Lily Series by Nancy Rue.  I have listened to songs by Rebecca St. James.  I would say that makes me qualified to read a book written by both of them, wouldn't you?  This book is about a girl with a cutting problem.  I was choosing between this book and a book a about a girl with an eating disorder.  The one with the eating disorder was a series, and you already know about my commitment problem, so the choice was made.

Destination Unknown by Amy Clipston is the 2nd book I've picked up by this author.  I got the other one at the library.  Amy Clipton's titles are so "let's go on a road trip bro."  The other book was Roadside Assistance, I reviewed that book in March.

You may recognize the author, Krista McGee, I consider her one of my favorites.  I have read all of the books she currently has published, except the one you see pictured above, Right Where I Belong.  You can see by the book mark sticking out the top, that I am making fast work of ending that problem.

The Captive Maiden is the second book I purchased by Melanie Dickerson.  The first book was The Fairest Beauty, and you can see that book in my First Book Haul.  This is another Christian re-telling of a Fairy Tale, and this one is based on Cinderella.  I have read both of these books now, but I do not know when I will review them, because now I want to buy the rest of Melanie Dickerson's novels, and I have SO MANY other books I want to read and review.

If you really want to hear about one, or more, of these books, write a comment.  Otherwise, I'll just do whatever I want.  And, if you want me to do a giveaway for Chasing Jupiter, comment!