Saturday, January 25, 2014

A Horse to Love (formerly titled The Trouble with Skye)

Keystone Stables Book 1 re-released as A Horse to Love, but formerly titled The Trouble with Skye  by Marsha Hubler (personally, I like the first title better).  The cover makes this look like a baby book, it is NOT.  This has some bad stuff in it, not for little kids!  I was surprised at the content, but the story itself is not bad, interesting, much more so than I expected.  Read on to see what I mean.

The Keystone Stables has eight books in the series, just so you know.  I have read five of them.  Skye Nicholson, the main character, is age 13 in book 1 (she ages throughout the series).

Skye is a foster kid, who is a bad kid.  Keystone Stables is her very last chance before going to prison!  Keystone Stables is a horse ranch run by Tom and Ellen Chambers, a loving Christian couple.  The Stables hosts camps, youth retreats, and the Chambers are foster parents for Morgan and Skye.  Skye's had a rough life, she's never even met her Mom or Dad.  She never felt like she was wanted at any of the foster homes.  She fell in with a bad crowd (this is where some of the bad stuff is like drugs and alcohol content).  If this was a movie, it would probably be rated PG13 for drugs, alcohol, and scary situations.  No foul language though. 

I'd say this is a good book for people who like horses, and are older than 12.  I really like this book, it was really enjoyable, quick read. I read the whole book in one day.  The story would make a really good movie.  All of the books in this series are already published (all with dual titles, which makes them hard to find sometimes).  I found the dual titles in the back of the book, and Good Reads has both titles online.  I gave this book 5 Stars.

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