Saturday, January 18, 2014

AirQuest Adventures Book Review

This particular copy is a bind up of all three books in the AirQuest Adventures series by Jerry B. Jenkins, who is a New York Times best selling author, and I've read some of his other books.  I've enjoyed everything I've read by Mr. Jenkins.  I picked this up in Iowa at a Family Christian store.

Crash at Cannibal Valley is book 1.  Chad and Kate are the two main characters, brother and sister, they are like age 13 and 11 respectively.  The siblings age throughout the series.  Their Dad was in the Air Force, but he retires in the first book.  After a tragedy occurs, the family decides to start an organization called AirQuest Adventures.  The main purpose of this organization is to help missionaries all over the world using airplanes.  In this first book, the title says it all, they are flying a doctor in to help a mission, and they crash in Cannibal Valley.  That is very early in the book.  The rest of the book is filled with story of the crash and if they are all going to survive.  The plot line is intense and very hard to figure out what is going to happen next.

Book 2 is called Terror in Branco Grande.  In this story, they are flying supplies into Branco Grande, Amazonia in South America.  Their Dad is wrongfully accused and arrested for smuggling.  Chad and Kate have to save him.  That's all I can say without spoiling this exciting read.

Disaster in the Yukon is the title of Book 3.  This adventure takes place in Canada and Alaska.  AirQuest Adventures is helping a newly formed school for kids whose parents are missionaries.  A blizzard happens and there is a girls with Type 1 Diabetes, who is almost out of insulin.  The rest of the kids are sick.  If you are a hypochondriac like me, it's very scary to think about all the sickness and no medicine.  Lives are in the balance once again. 

I recommend this series for ages 9 to 17.  Unless you are a super sheltered nine year old, because people die and things get scary. This is written by a Christian author so there is no foul language or inappropriate content.  

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  1. can someone tell me the name of their dad, it doesn't say it in the book


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