Sunday, January 19, 2014

Graphic Novels by Raina Telgemeier

So, we're going to start with Smile, because Smile is on the left, and Americans read left to right.  Smile is based on the true life story of the author, set in California.  Raina starts out as a 6th grader, and by the end of the book is in High School.  The book is about the tragedy of her teeth and her life in general.  If you are afraid of blood and dentists, I do not recommend that you pick this book up... unless it is a fear you need to get over by reading this book.  This is a graphic novel, and a quick read; I read the book in one sitting.  The pictures are fun and entertaining, like a comic book.  If you don't love comic books, you may not like this book.  This is a Historical book, because it's set in the 1980's... okay, maybe not so Historical (sorry, Mom).  Seriously, I loved the detail in the pictures of the cool '80's garb.  I really enjoyed this book.  I have read Smile multiple times, and it just gets better with each read (that's really cheese-ball-ie, but it's true).

Now, on to Drama, which I did not like.  I felt like nothing happened in the plot. Unlike in Smile, where the plot was very interesting, and you just wanted to know how it ended up.  Also, I didn't like way the book dealt with "gay" people; it was really annoying.  I did like the clothes and drawings in the book.  I also like the main character's hair.  This is also based on the author's experiences, but names were changed, even the main character's to protect people.  I didn't like this book as much, not nearly as entertaining as Smile.

So, in the end, what I would say is read Smile, don't read Drama.  And a quick note:  Smile 2 is supposed to be released this year (2014).

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