Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Powerless Book Review

Powerless, by Matthew Cody, is the story of a boy name Daniel, who is 12 years old.  His family moves in with his Grandma, who is dying, to take care of her.  Soon he meets kids who have superpowers, in fact a whole town of them.

So, you think you would like to have superpowers, do you?  Not if at 13, you lose your powers, and your memory, and your friends.  One boy, on the day of his 13th birthday, writes "You can fly!" all over his room on the night before his 13th birthday, so that when he wakes up, he will remember.  Only when he wakes up, he thinks that being able to fly was just a dream.

The question I am going to pose now is, "Who, or what, is taking the superpowers from these kids?"  Is it age?  Is it a meteorite?  Is it a super-villain?  Is it one of the super-kids?  The answer lies in this book, and in a World War II era comic book, and possibly, regular, powerless Daniel.

This was a really good book!  The story was both funny and suspenseful.  This book messed with your brain like crazy!  One minute you thought something was going on, and the next you realized that wasn't the deal at all... something else entirely different was happening.

I would recommend this for people ages 6 to 16, and any adult who has a love of comic books and comic book history.  I am super (pun-intended) excited for the next book in the series, called: Super.  One of the reviews I read said this was a book for middle school boys.  I said, "I am a middle school girl, and I loved it!".  You are very wrong Mr. Sir, who wrote that review!

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