Friday, January 17, 2014

The Secret of Sarah Revere (Book Review)

The Secret of Sarah Revere, is written by Ann Rinaldi.  So, ya'll know who Paul Revere is, right?  He's the guy who said "The Redcoats are coming!", while riding through the countryside on a horse.

The Secret of Sarah Revere is the story of Paul's daughter, well, one of his daughters.   He has like five daughters.  I can't hardly keep track of all of them.

The book is Sarah's point of view of the Revolutionary War, told mostly in flashbacks.  This is a really good book about the Revolutionary War.  I liked that I knew who most of the characters were, because I watched the TV Series Liberty's Kids (which is SO good, by the way).

You will like this book if you enjoy reading about American History, and especially if you enjoy Revolutionary War history.  There is not much to say about this book, because there is a lot of history, and a lot would be spoilers.  I will say, there is more than one secret in the book.  One of the secrets is who fired the first shot of  the war.  I should also tell you that this book is very sad, a lot of people die.
*Updated* recommend for ages 12+ there is also lots of drinkingb(not done by the main character,that I remember but by other people), some bloody​ness (NOT to do with this next thing) and mentions of menstration.

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