Friday, March 7, 2014


If you are not familiar with Goodreads, it is this fabulous website where you can create virtual shelves to keep track of what you are reading, what you want to read, and any other name of shelf that you would like to create.  You can rate books, review books, follow other Goodreads Users to see what they are reading and how they like those books.  You can keep track of when you read books, and how far along you are in them.  If you have the app, you can scan the bar-code on the back of your book to enter the book into your shelf.  If you don't have the app, you can still look up the book by title, or author.  You can also compare your shelves to other users and authors.  You can "like" and "follow" authors on the site.  You can start, or participate in, discussions about books.  Goodreads will also recommend books for you by shelf, or by genre.  I discovered my new favorite author and book (to be revealed later...mmmwwhh, ha, ha, ha) due to the recommendations on Goodreads! Some recommendations I did not like, but they were library books, so I just stopped reading and returned them.  Goodreads has a challenge spot for each year, so that you can keep track of how many books you want to read (kind of like my Mom's weight loss goal app, but for books), and it shows up the percentage of your goal that you have created.

Check out my good reads by clicking HERE.

P.S.- Sorry,  did not keep my schedule last month.  I had parties to attend, or throw, every Friday for three weeks in a row!  Blogging earlier would have been a good idea, but... I didn't.

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