Friday, April 25, 2014

Chasing Jupiter Book Review

Chasing Jupiter by Rachel Coker, is about Scarlett Blaine's life in 1969 in Georgia (see the peach on the cover?).  Scarlett is 16 years old at the beginning of this book.  This book is a good cry book.  I could just cry thinking about this story, or even looking at the book.  I will try to contain myself for this review.

Scarlett lives with her Mom, Dad, Grandfather (Grandpop... when I first saw his name, I thought for just a second that it said Grandpoop!), older sister, Juli (who sometimes lives with them, and sometimes doesn't), and little brother, Cliff.

Scarlett pretty much has to take care of her whole family, she has to be very mature and responsible.  Both of her parents work.  Her Dad works on a Peach Farm.  Her Mom works at a Plantation Home turned Bed and Breakfast.  Scarlett's sister is 18, she is a hippie, and has a boyfriend.  Their parents don't agree with Juli's hippie lifestyle.  Grandpop fought in WWII, he lives in their storage room.  Cliff is turning 10 in the beginning of the book.  Cliff doesn't like to be touched, is obsessed with things like the Spanish Civil War, has to be on a schedule (even if it means having sour milk with his cereal); I deduced from these, and other things, that Cliff is autistic.  He is the sweetest, funniest, lovable character.  Cliff is the biggest part of Scarlett taking care of her family. She is responsible for taking care of Cliff after school and cooking for the whole family (and making sure Grandpop has his peanut butter).

Other noteable characters:
Mrs. Ima Nice is a neighbor who has chickens, and an old friend of Scarlett's Grandfather.
The Pastor's Wife, Mrs. Greene, takes cooking lessons from Scarlett, and turns out to be a good friend.  Mrs. Greene is with Scarlett when Scarlett becomes a Christian.
Frank Leggett is the love interest (though this is not a romancy book at all), he is also the son of the Peach Farmer that Scarlett's Dad works for.

I could very clearly see all the characters in my mind, because they were so well described, but without being overly descriptive.  I feel like Rachel Coker squeezed a lot into the 216 pages of the actual book.  I loved the historical references, and many surprises in the story.  I especially enjoyed that Scarlett was reading Peter and Wendy (Peter Pan) to her Brother and Grandfather.  Scarlett loves to cook and bakes delicious peach pies.  Scarlett felt like a real girl that I could meet.  She was not super girly, or super boyish; just like a regular girl I might know.

You may not want to read the whole synopsis on the book cover.  I consider the second half to be major spoilers to the story.  If this sounds interesting to you, pick up the book and read it.  Be warned!: This book might make you cry.

The author is a homeschooler, which is quite cool.  She was 17 when this book was published.  According to the back of the book, she lives in Virginia with her family, including two sisters.  She has one other book published.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Book Haul

Welcome to my very first Book Haul!  These will probably not happen very often, because I don't usually buy a lot of books at the same time.  I happened to be at Mardel, picking up a couple of books as gifts for a birthday party.  I had some money saved up to buy books... and Mardel had some deals I could not pass up (also, my Father volunteered to pay for one of the books... Thanks, Daddy!!).

My Mom suggested this book Risky Business by Nicole O'Dell.  This has two books in one, and they are both "choose your own adventure books".  I always wanted to be able to change the ending when I got mad at a character.  This way I might get mad at myself, but I can just go back and read the other ending.  And Bonus: only $1.00!

The Fairest Beauty by Melanie Dickerson caught my eye in the Bargain Book section.  This was only $4.99!  As you can guess by the cover, this is a sort of Snow White re-telling, but there will be a Christian message in here somewhere since it is published by Zondervan, and I bought the book at a Christian book store.

Anomaly by Krista McGee is the book my Dad bought me.  I recently read two books by this author (First Date and Starring Me); I very much enjoyed those books.  Everyone on Instagram said this book was awesome.  I already started reading Anomaly, but I am not sure when I will review this book.  I already went back to Mardel to pick up book two of the trilogy.  Book three comes out later this year.  I may wait to review them until I have all three.

I have already finished Chasing Jupiter by Rachel Coker.  Rachel Coker is a homeschool student, by the way.  I was pretty excited to read that fact in the author bio at the back of the book.  This book is set in the 60's, her first (and only other, as far as I know) book is set during World War II.  I read this book in three days, and I will have a review up for this book soonish.

I am sorry that I missed blogging the past two Fridays.  Two weeks ago my Grandmother was in town visiting.  This last Friday my family was struck by illness.

I plan to be back on schedule this coming Friday.  Thank you for reading!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Review: back to NATURE Classic Creme Cookies

In the picture above, you see Classic Creme Cookies from Back to Nature (no they did not ask me to review this, but if they asked me, I would be happy to be paid to review their cookies).  These are similar to Oreo cookies, but healthier. Unlike Oreo, or similar store brand cookies, there is no high fructose corn syrup or artificial flavor in the Back to Nature Classic Creme Cookies.  That means my Mom will buy cookies again!  I CAN HAVE SORT-OF OREOS!!!

Acutally, I don't really like Oreos (or chocolate creme cookies).  I am in the minority, because I only like the outside, not the creme filling like most people.  These taste just like Oreos, which means the outside tastes great, but the inside is gross, as per usual.  I do enjoy the entire cookie when the cookie is crunched up in some tasty (all natural, because that's all my Mother will buy) ice cream.  This tastes even better than store bought cookies and creme ice cream.  This way I get the exact consistancy that I want, and the nasty creme was even less noticeable with the Back to Nature Classic Creme Cookies (my Mom says that's because there is no high fructose corn syrup, or nasty fake vanilla flavoring).

If you like this type of cookie, I highly recommend this brand!