Friday, May 2, 2014

Anomoly Book Review

Anomaly by Krista McGee is the story of Thalli, a seventeen year old, living in a Dystopian, or post Apocalyptic World.  She is living in, or rather under, what used to be the United States.  There has been a huge Nuclear War, which made the surface unlivable.  Underneath the ground, the people live in pods, everything is sterile white, emotions are bad, Scientists are the leaders, and children are not born, they are made in test tubes.

There are three pods, Pod A (the oldest), Pod B (the middle-children), and Pod C, which Thalli belongs to (they are the youngest).  After the children are incubated (think Man of Steel movie), they are taken out and given to Monitors who take care of the children.  The Monitors must be switched out every few weeks, so that no one becomes emotionally attached.  

Each person in the society has a job.  Thalli is a musician.  She plays the violin.  And she is an Anomaly, which means she has emotions, although the Scientists are trying to breed people without emotions.  Thalli and a few others are Anomalies, and that means they need to be eliminated.  Also, any baby,or person, with any kind of sickness is eliminated; even if the sickness is just a cold that they will get over in a few days.  Emotions, sickness, and religion are bad (according to the Scientists), they weaken society, and must be eradicated.

This book reminds me of The Maze Runner (by James Dachner), The Hunger Games (by Suzanne Collins), Inheritance (by Christopher Paolini), The Giver (what I've heard about it, but actually haven't read, by Lois Lowry), and Delirium (by Lauren Oliver... which is just on what I've heard about, too... haven't read this one either).  The thing that makes this book stand out from the crowd is the fact that it is Christian, but that's not all.  The characters were believable, and so were the situations; I felt like the things that occurred could happen in the very near future.  I have read other books by this author that didn't have great description (not as much as I like), but this book had great description!  I loved the character John, the part he played in the book as a whole, and in Thalli's life (not the love interest).  The love interest appears to be Berk, but I have others theories about him, which will be revealed in a later blog post.

You can read on the back of the book (or the Goodreads synopsis) that Thalli's emotions reveal her as an Anomaly.  The rest of the book is about how the Scientists deal with her, her journey to discover what life used to be like, and her knowledge of the Designer (aka God).

 I highly recommend you check out this book.  I greatly enjoyed Anomaly by Krista McGee.  I recommend this book for ages 12 and up.  I gave this book 5 Stars.  Anomaly is the first book in this trilogy.  The second book is called Luminary (review coming next week!).  The last book will be Revolutionary, and is set to be released July 15, 2014.

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