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Leggings, Dahling, I love leggings.  But I should probably write an introduction before I get into that.  This is going to be a blog post about all my favorites everything from leggings to food.  (thumbs up, with a wink, and a click {like in the movies})

You can learn a lot about a person by finding out what their favorite things are.  What really tells you about a person is why those things are their favorites.

My favorite book (not including the Bible):  The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton.  I like how the author handles the topics of death, drugs, and alcohol.  You can read my review for more on why I like this book.

My favorite series:  A Charmed Life Series by Jenny B. Jones, but it could switch to The Anomaly Series by Krista McGee when the last book is released.  I like A Charmed Life Series, because the book sounded really cliche, but turned out to nothing of the sort.  The author dealt with difficult topics very well, and even when things were hard, the humor kept things light-hearted.  I will write a review on this series eventually.

My favorite current TV show:  Agents of Shield is a very awesome show.  I really like the Avengers and how the show is like super spies. The show keeps me on the edge of my seat.  The cliffhangers at the end keep me coming back for more. And  I am always theorizing the next plot twist through every show.

My favorite classic TV show:  This is a  tie between "The Beverly Hillbillies" and "The Dukes of Hazzard".  "The Beverly Hillbillies" and "The Dukes of Hazzard" are my childhood.  I grew up watching them on dvd.

My favorite movie:  God's Not Dead is awesome, because I like how it dealt with other religions, atheism, trusting God, and standing up for your beliefs.  I really like the song "God's Not Dead" from the Newsboys, so bonus.  I really like all the all the actors like David A.R. White, Shane Harper, and Kevin Sorbo.  I also like Duck Dynasty, so it was cool that Willie and Korie Roberston were in the movie.  I cried in the movie, and I don't cry in a lot of movies (actually only in two movies), so that was an accomplishment.

My favorite color:  Green is my favorite color, I tried to change my favorite color, but it didn't work.  The only thing happened is the walls of my room got painted blue.  An old Indian guy told me that green is the color that means you love the outdoors and/or are creative and artistic. And I'd say that's me.

My favorite color that I dyed my hair:  Red is my favorite, because it stayed the longest and looked the best on my natural hair color, and with my skin tone.  I just dip dyed my hair, not my whole head.

My favorite leggings:  My Avengers leggings are my favorite.

My favorite food:  Rigatoni!  This is the meal that we make for holidays with my Dad's side of the family.  It's their recipe.  I like my Mom to make it the best.  Here is a link the the recipe, since you probably want to eat Rigatoni now.

My favorite sweet:  Popsicles are my favorite. Lime Outshine bars and Yasso Vanilla Bean Frozen Greek Yogurt are my top picks.

My favorite season: Autumn is my favorite season, because the weather is getting cooler, and my birthday is during this season.

My favorite board game:  The Game of Life is my board game of choice, because you get to buy a house, you get to have a cute little car, the game is not as competitive as Monopoly, and tragedies can happen.

My favorite genre of music:  Christian, especially Christian Rap.

My favorite author:  A tie between Krista McGee and Jenny B. Jones.

My favorite singer:  Britt Nicole, female, and B. Reith, male.

My favorite band:   1 Girl Nation

My favorite fruit: This is really hard, I love fruit.  A good watermelon, or a banana, would be my choice fruit.

My favorite vegetable:  My favorite vegetable is broccoli, mmm, with cheese.  I also like broccoli just plain.

My favorite animal:  Is an elephant, because I always connected with the elephant as a child.  Elephants are one of the few animals I am not allergic to.  Also, both of our names share three letters.

My favorite candy:  This depends on whether you are asking me about candy that is going to kill me, or candy that is not going to kill me.  My favorite candy that is going to kill me is gummy lifesavers.  My favorite candy that will not kill me is Newman's Own Organic Dark Chocolate Peppermint Cups; they are organic, all natural, with no high fructose corn syrup, or any of that junk.

My favorite holiday:  Is St. Patrick's Day.  I really like St. Patrick's life story, and how he was a really good missionary to Ireland.  Also, GREEN, and Shamrock Shakes (homemade, not from McDonald's, because they will kill you, because high fructose corn syrup is the first ingredient).

My favorite style:
Hippie/Biker/Prep-school Student

My favorite Marvel superhero:  Is Thor

My favorite D.C. Comics superhero:  Is Man of Steel, aka Superman

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  1. 1 Girl Nation is an awesome band! I am loving that cd right now!


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