Friday, June 27, 2014

Book Haul #3

(Prepare to read this next sentence with a British accent)  My second cousin is a very nice human, and she gave me three very lovely novels.  (Okay, you stop with the British accent now... unless you're British, then carry on!)

 You many recognize the name Betsy, and the author, Maud Hart Lovelace from Book Haul #2.  This is one of the books in the Betsy Series.  I now need to buy more of them and read them all!!!  Betsy and Joe is about Betsy when she is 17.  She falls in love in this book.  This is the seventh book in the series.

 Betsy and the Great World is number eight in the Betsy series.  Betsy is age 22 in this book, and she travels the world.

I started reading Beverly Gray's Surprise TODAY!  The book is really good so far!  This is the last book in the Beverly Gray series.  Yes, I'm reading the end first.  Beverly Gray has auburn hair, because all girl detectives have to have blonde, or auburn, hair.  She reminds me of Bella Kirkwood from A Charmed Life series by Jenny B. Jones, or rather what she would be like in college almost 100 years ago.  I found out today from The Series Books for Girls site, that Clair Blank wrote the first four Beverly Gray books while she was still in high school, and was a published author by age 18!  Wow!  I want to be published now, so I can be cool like Rachel Coker and Clair Blank!

These books are super special, because they were given to my second cousin by her grandmother, and now she is giving them to me! :)

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