Friday, June 20, 2014

Thrift Store Clothing Haul

So, I started going to a church where people dress up on Sunday mornings.  I've been to churches my whole life where you wear jeans and a non-stained t-shirt.  If you dressed up, wearing a dress, people make fun of you.  This happened, to me.  "Last time I wear a dress," I thought.  But I thought wrong, because now I need to dress up, so I had to go shopping.  And since I don't like spending a lot of money on clothing, I went to Goodwill (for all but one thing, my Mom found at Salvation Army, and texted me to see if I would like it).

This first dress, is from Goodwill.  I look like a secretary, so my Brother says. I'm not sure If I actually think so, and I don't like the sandals that I am wearing with this.  I've been shopping for dress shoes (not at the thrift store) multiple times, and haven't found what I'm looking for.  This dress is from the 90's, I'm guessing, but my style is a little crazy for dressy clothing, you know, since I haven't hardly ever worn anything dressy.  So, I guess I should add 90's clothing for my list of stuff that I like that is dressy.  The other things on my list are Nancy Drew style outfits, and like 40's style, and Nancy Drew was in 40's style dress in several of her movies, and I like Boho (Bohemian) stuff.

 I first need to address the tank top situation.  I could not find the tank top that I usually wear with this top, which is all lace, and would be scandalous without a tank top underneath.  So, my Mother loaned me one of hers.  I don't like the way this one looks, I like my tank top WAY better.  The top and skirt are both from Goodwill.  The shoes are from a shoe store in a mall in Kansas from 1995.  The whereabouts of the origins of how I obtained these shoes shall remain a secret.  This is a Nancy Drew look.

This is a Nancy Drew/Gallagher Girl Academy look.  If you don't know what Gallagher Girl Academy is, it's a book series about a private girls school that secretly trains spies (you should definitely go check it out!).  This skirt is from Salvation Army.  I stole the white button up from my Mother, I need to get one for myself, but I have yet to do so.  The boots are from a random local shoe store.  I got them last December.

The back of this outfit is the same skirt and shoes as the second outfit (you know, the one with the black lace top).  

I got the top from Goodwill.  My Mom found it for me.  We were shopping together.  And when she showed it to me, I was like "Ooooh, it's gorgeous!  I hope it fits me!"  You can't really tell, but it has a really cute Peter Pan Collar, but my hair is blocking it.

This is the outfit that I wore on Father's Day.  I got the t-shirt from Walmart, plain white t-shirt.  The skirt is a silk skirt, you know like fancy shmancy, like 80% silk, Tommy Bahamas brand.  The shoes are the same from the last outfit.

It's hard to tell from the picture, but this skirt is a white eyelet (lacy look) overlay.  The shoes my Mother gave to me, they are old, but she never wore them.  I actually broke them, falling in them, right after this photo was taken.  The jean shirt is a clearance find from Walmart.  I told you I don't like to spend much money on clothing.  The hat from all the photos is from Walmart, also on clearance, from like 2012.


  1. I adore the skirts! Especially the "Nancy Drew" outfit with the black lace top!

  2. Not only a book nerd which is way sexy!! But you're hot too!!

  3. You're not only a book nerd which is way sexy!!! But you're hot too!!!


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