Saturday, July 12, 2014

Goals for this School Year

This week's post was supposed to be a book review, in reference to my quote "THE KING REIGNS... AND HIS SON!",  but I had some serious technical difficulties with loading pictures. So, instead of that, you have the great privilege of reading my Goals for this School Year.

Goals for 2014-2015 School Year:
Learn how to play guitar .
 I did know how to play the guitar a little bit, But it was not much and I was only 6!

 become a fluent Spanish speaker
I have known how to speak basic Spanish since I was about 4 I have been able to count to 10 and say hello and goodbye , but I'd like to continue and be fluent.

Write a book (or at least finish outlining my book)

Save money
I am not bad at saving money , but I not so good .

Debate something with someone from church

Maintain my blog by writing at least one post a week

Be healthy!

Perform in a production

Finish choreographing at least one more dance
 Just so you know I have been working with a dance studio for close to 4 months.

Read at least one book a month

Have a real day of rest every week.
and that's all I have .

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