Friday, September 5, 2014

Destination Unknown Book Review

Destination Unknown by Amy Clipston is the companion novel, or sequel, to Roadside Assistance which I reviewed back in March.  This book is focuses around Whitney, who is the cousin of the main character, Emily, in Roadside Assistance.  This book picks up a few months after Roadside Assistance.  If you have not read Roadside Assistance, you can still read Destination Unknown without reading that one first.  If you were put off by the idea that Roadside Assistance had a lot of car talk, you can rest assured this book does not.  You can enjoy Destination Unknown as a stand alone.  If you liked Roadside Assistance, you'll will like this book, too.  For those of you "Book Nerds", like myself (or avid readers, if you prefer... I'm not offended by the word nerd, it's all chill with me), this story has book talk like Roadside Assistance had car talk.

This book kicks off on Valentine's Day.  And Whitney has recently gotten a D in Calculus.  Her mother is flipping out, because "Oh, no my daughter will not get into the perfect school (my Alma mater)!". So, mom gets her a tutor, which Whitney is very embarrassed about, because she herself is a tutor.  Her tutor ends up being a boy she used to be friends with when she was younger.

A lot has changed since they were friends.  Her mother has molded her into what her mother wished she was herself back in high school (fake blonde, Captain of the Varsity Cheerleaders, perfect grades, high society boyfriend and so-called friends).  Whitney feels like a fraud.  Because of her Mom's influence, she cares a lot about what others say and think about her.  Her tutor, Taylor, still likes her for who she is underneath the surface, and encourages her to be herself.

This book is the journey of Whitney rediscovering her true self, God's plan for her life, her real friends, what's really important, and what road she's heading down.  Whitney and Taylor might be more than just friends.  Whitney's Mom cannot stand that idea, or that Whitney is embracing her natural beauty.  Sadly, Whitney's Mom cannot even stand that she is coaching Taylor's little sister to try out for cheerleading.

I really like this book.  It was awesome!  I have already read it twice.  I first read this book back in May.

I recommend this book for ages 11 and up.  Mature 11 year olds who are already thinking about their future, as I was at age 8, should enjoy this book.  The main characters are Seniors in high school, so this is really written for teens, especially high schoolers, but younger girls could enjoy this book, too.  The book has like two or so kisses in it, but they are not at all descriptive.