Friday, October 24, 2014

The Merchant's Daughter Book Review

The Merchant's Daughter by Melanie Dickerson is the second, or first, (if you read it in publication or chronological order) in her Fairy Tale re-telling series. This book is her Beauty and the Beast re-telling. I have previously reviewed her Snow White re-telling, her Cinderella re-telling and her Sleeping Beauty re-telling. 

Annabel was the daughter of a wealthy merchant. Her father has died, and now her family is running out of money. They are very in debt to the Lord of the land.  So in debt, in fact, that they have to send one of their family to work for him full time. Annabel sees that her family is a bit suck up, so she decides to be the indentured servant from her family. The Lord of the land is known as a beastly guy. And that pretty much all I am going to say about the plot line.

This is a story of true love, not infatuation, or attraction because of good looks.  This was a story of getting know each other, and falling in love with a personality, and appreciating their looks after that.  I enjoyed the sweet, what I imagine to be real-life, love story.  Beauty and the Beast is my favorite fairy tale.  I enjoy both the Disney version and the classic fairy tale.  I also like the movie "Belle and the Beast".  The Merchant's Daughter did not disappoint, but only added to my appreciation of this classic fairy tale.

This book is Historical Fiction set in 1352, making it the first book of the series in Chronological order. Like the other books, this one has Christian elements as part of everyday life: the characters read the Bible, pray, go to church, and grow in their faith. I love this book! I am planing on doing a review were I tell all the things about the book, in detail.

This book has a lot of crazy things in it, like Tom the Bailiff, I do not like him. You need to be a bit of a older peep to read this. because of sexual harassment (it doesn't go too far, but it exists).  As I've said in some of the other reviews, it really depends on the peep if they are ready to read this book. This is made for teens, and I think a bit before being a teen you could read this maybe. I think a lot of peeps who are out of their teens they could read this and love it.  This was my favorite book in the series, but I have commitment issues.

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