Monday, October 27, 2014

The Princess Spy Book Review

The Princess Spy by Melanie Dickerson is the 5th book in Melanie's Fairy Tale re-telling series, this is her Frog Prince re-telling, I have previously reviewed all of her fairy tale re-tellings of Snow White(The Fairest Beauty), Cinderella (The Captive Maiden), Sleeping Beauty (The Healer's Apprentice), and Beauty and the Beast (The Merchant's Daughter).

This is my review from Goodreads : 

I was given an Advance Reading Copy of this book, but that didn't affect how much I loved it! This is about Margaretha (Duke Wilhelm's, the hero from The Healer's Apprentice, eldest daughter). Margaretha has a new suitor visiting, Lord Claybrook. At the same time, an injured foreigner arrives at the castle. Margaretha is one of the few people who speaks the foreigner's language. The stranger tells her that Lord Claybrook is evil. She has to decide whether to trust him, or not. The stranger implores her to spy on Lord Claybrook. What she discovers while spying is shocking! Dunt, Dunt, Dun!

You may have heard that this is a Frog Prince re-telling. I won't ruin the surprise of how Melanie Dickerson makes this happen, because it is so cool. I will only conform that how she makes the Frog Prince is amazing. 

This book connects all of Melanie Dickerson's fairy tale re-tellings. If you were wondering how The Merchant's Daughter fits in with the rest of the books, you will wonder no longer after reading The Princess Spy. I won't ruin that surprise for you either, but I LOVE how she wove them together.

Reading this book will keep you on the edge of your seat, or bed, or where ever you are reading. You will want to live in the 1400's. You may forget about modern conveniences, and you won't even care. WARNING: You may experience a "book hangover", or "book mourning period", after reading this book. Yes, The Princess Spy is that good.

Not from my Goodreads review:

I have read the original Frog Price Fairy Tale and really liked it. I didn't know how Melanie Dickerson would incorporate those elements into The Princess Spy, but she does it very well.   I really loved reading from Margaretha's point of view, because I already liked her character from other books in the series.

This book will be published on the 4th of November.  Some time after that, I will be posting a Spoiler Review.  I feel like this is the most adventurous of the the Fairy Tale series.  I had a lot of fun reading The Princess Spy.  I think this is my favorite of Melanie Dickerson's Fairy Tale books, but I have a previous commitment of The Merchant's Daughter being my favorite.  And I have loyalty issues about changing my favorite.  

Fun things about this book:

I stayed up until almost 6:00AM finishing the book.  I just couldn't put it down!

This historically accurate book is set in April 1413. 

My copy is signed by the author.

My parents had this book on pre-order for me before I knew I was recieving it as an ARC (for my birthday, which is just after the release date).

Recommended for:

This is a book for all ages, no worries about elements I mentioned in The Healer's Apprentice and The Merchant's Daughter.  


I am super excited for the Rupunzel re-telling that will be out next  year!


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