Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Update/November Break

This will be my ONLY post in November.  November is always a busy month at my house, but this year it is even worse.  I will now tell you the twelve reasons why, in no particular order of what is worse, just what came to my mind.

1.  Working on the house.  We have had construction going on in our house for like four years.  We took a break at the beginning on 2014, and in the summer.  Now we are back full swing at what we didn't get done last year.

2.  My mother and my brother were in a car wreck in late August.  They are still being treated at the Chiropractor two days a week because of that.

3.  My family has a million birthdays in November.   I'll just name some.  In the first week of November, we have my Cousin, my Grandfather, myself, and not a blood relative, but my close friend.  Later in the month, there is another close friend, and my Brother.  So, that means lots of parties and birthday shopping.  The decorations from my birthday party are still up.

4.  Thanksgiving, which is a big deal with my Dad's side of the family.  They take turns every year, and this year is our turn.  People come into town from all different states (not like my Mom's family, who all live in the same state).

5.  My other Grandfather (not the one born in November) had surgery, and is not doing well at all now....

6.  Because of my Grandfather not doing well, my Uncle is flying into town from the East Coast, and will be staying at our house.

7.  I have been doing a book club with some of my friends since June 2014.  We meet once a month at my house.  With all this stuff going on, I do have to make preparations. The house has to be clean.  I make snacks.  I also prepare discussion questions.  This is usually not a big deal, but with all of the other things going on, this is more of a big deal.

8.  My mother will be working more than she usually does, and that means I will have more housework to do than usual.

9.  My family is down to two cars (we've had three for most of my life).  My father's car has been in the shop this week, and last week, for repairs.  That meant carpooling my Dad to work & home last week.  Thankfully, he has a loaner car this week!

10.  We live on a farm (well, my Mom calls it a homestead).  Let me elaborate, we have 33 chickens, one rooster, one Guinea, and 5 baby chicks, also, a pony (we did have a horse, too, until just a couple months ago), three kittens, and one puppy.  This causes craziness, more than just the taking care of the animals and stuff.  Such as, when your chicken decides to hatch little chicks in your neighbors rose bushes, that means that weekend you have to clear your schedule to move them home.  Or when your pony gets colic, you forego all plans that you had that day.  Or when your kitten gets stuck up a tree, you don't go to bed until 4 am.  Or when the vet thinks your horse has cancer (not the pony, but the horse) and you have to take him to a horse sanctuary to live... and you can't get him loaded in the trailer, and it takes all day to him there.  And that is just some of the more major things... not the everyday craziness.

11.  Then there is just every day life... you know eating, sleeping, and bathing.  There is barely any time for everyday stuff.  What did I eat today???  Um, why am I not asleep (it's past 3 am!)???  I did shower today!  :)

12.  All the days that I'm all like, "I'm FREE!  I don't have a thing to do!", then my dreams are CRUSHED, because all this crazy goes down.

So, I'm not going to post any more in November.  I am going to try to keep my Instagram and Goodreads updated.  If you want to follow me, my name is Marklessgirl on both of them.