Friday, December 26, 2014

Bookish New Year's Resolutions For 2015

The New Year is coming so I have my resolutions!  Soon, I will have my post on how I did on the resolutions I made for 2014.  And so, without further ado, here are my 2015 Bookish New Year's Resolutions:

1.  Read 20 new books.  This is my special resolution so that I have a goal to put on my Goodreads account.

2.  Re-read at least 12 books.

3.  Listen to at least one audio book.

4.  Read more of the books my friends tell me to read.

5.  Read more stand alone's.

6.  Read just for fun!

7.  Go to a book signing (or some thing like that). I only have one signed book, and I want to remedy that.

8.  Do more book reviews.

9.  Read more of the books that have been made into movies, that I have seen and LOVED (especially  Heidi and Sarah, Plain and Tall).

10. Read more books that I can recommend to my younger cousins.  I read a lot of teen, young adult books, including classics geared for young adults.  I want to read more variety that could be read by any age.  My Mom is recommending Pollyanna and Jo's Boys (I've read Little Women multiple times and love it!).

Friday, December 19, 2014

Book "Hangover" Awards 2014 (Jan-June)

Today I am posting The Library In My Room's First EVER "Book Hangover Awards". This will come in 2 parts, the first 6 months of the year and the last 6 months of the year. You may be asking "What is a book hangover?".  I will tell you. There are a lot of definitions of what a "book hangover" is.  For me, a book hangover is when a book completely sucks you in, and you only want to read that book (or just books in that series), and when you are done reading it you think about the book all the time, you quote that book a lot, and make references to said book ALL the time, you also have a lot of trouble starting a new book.

WELCOME to the First Annual HUNGER GAMES... OOPS... I meant...

WELCOME to the FIRST Library In My Room Book Hangover AWARDS!!!

1. Super by Matthew Cody. This was the first book of the year to give me a book hangover.  This is the second book in the series.  I didn't review this one, because the book hangover was too deep.  You can read my review of the first book in the series, which is Powerless.

2. Save The Date by Jenny B. Jones.  This book is a companion novel to There You'll Find Me.  I get so bad hangovers from Jenny's books that I haven't managed to write a review on any of them.  I also have a fear of not doing them justice with my review.  I broke out of that fear for Melanie Dickerson's books, so I am going to try to review some Jenny B. Jones in 2015.

3. Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine.  I reviewed this as my first Book versus Movie Review.  My cousin is a very nice human, because she told me I should read this.  This is a younger cousin, not the one who gave me books in a book haul.  I was shocked that this gave me a book hangover.  I read this in February, and I only completed started and finished two books that month, because of the hangover. I kept randomly re-reading good parts.

4.  First Date by Krista McGee.  This is the first in a companion novel/trilogy of Biblical Allegory stories.  This one happens to be based on Esther.  I haven't reviewed any of these yet, because... stupid camera/computer problems!  I was desperately waiting for Starring Me (the next book in this series) from the library.  I was so happy that there was another book in this series, because I thought I was going to mourn for this book, wear all black, and people would think I was going Goth, only I was just incredibly book hungover.

5.  Luminary by Krista McGee.  This is the second book in the Anomaly trilogy.  I have read all the books.  I reviewed both Anomaly and Luminary, but I have not reviewed Revolutionary, because of the same reason I haven't reviewed First Date... annoyed face!  I had to read the next book on this list in order to get out of this book hangover.  Revolutionary was not coming out for around three months... so I had to do something!

6.  The Fairest Beauty by Melanie Dickerson.  This is the third book in Melanie Dickerson's companion novel Fairy Tale series.  I could not get over this book hangover until I read another of Melanie's Fairy Tale re-tellings.  You can read my review of this book, and there are links throughout to the rest of the books that are published in this series.

7. In Between by Jenny B. Jones.  This is the first book in the Katie Parker Production series. This was the only series I had yet to read by Jenny B. Jones.  I have read all of her books, with the exception of the recently published Christmas novel (I'm waiting for that book in paperback).  I had to re-read books to get out of this hangover.  It was BAD!  One of the worst of the entire year.  I couldn't find these at the library, so I had to wait until I had money to buy each one in the series (except for the last one, which was a birthday present).  Waiting to purchase the next book, I had to re-read Destination Unknown by Amy Clipston.  I thought that would do the trick.  LOL!  I then re-read So Not Happening and I'm So Sure by Jenny B. Jones.  Those two books were two of my Top Ten Worst Book Hangovers of 2013.  

You may be thinking that a Book Hangover is a really awful thing.  I must tell you, though, that a Book Hangover is a really good thing.  Not all books are well written enough to produce a Book Hangover.  A Book Hangover usually means the book is on my favorites list.  And that's all... for now.  :)