Friday, January 2, 2015

Book "Hangover" Awards (July-Dec 2014)

This is my Part 2 of The Library In My Room's "Book Hangover Awards".  If you missed the first seven in the Book Hangover Awards, you can be enlightened by clicking HERE.

8. The Merchant's Daughter by Melanie Dickerson.  I read this book in two days.  Okay, about two days. It could have been three; it was a long time ago.  I have written a review of this book.  I'm not super proud of the review, because I wrote it super long after I finished the book.  This particular book hangover caused me to take two weeks to read the next book I was reading.  Probably around two week, July was a long time ago.  Alright, not that long ago.  I suffer from non-dementia, but I eat a lot of sugar.  I don't know if that affects your memory, but I do eat a lot of sugar, fact.  And I eat real sugar, none of that artificial junk.  Nothing could compare to this book, even sugar.  All I wanted was The Princess Spy, but I couldn't have The Princess Spy, because it was not yet published (and at that time, I had no hope of getting an ARC {Advanced Reading Copy}).

9.  Captives by Jill Williamson.  This book hangover was so bad that I had to return all the other library books I had, without reading them.  Okay, one, just one book, but still! I had to read the sequel, no other book would do.  I ended up struggling through Below the Surface by Tim Shoemaker; which is a good book, just not what I wanted to read right then.  I had to purchase the next book, because it was not available at the library.  Even though I didn't own the first book, I purchased the second book.  That is so bad!  I don't do that.  I need to buy the books in ORDER.  They need to all be the same size, the same edition, no cover changes for me!  Thank you, very much! And I had no money, so I had to wait almost a month to get the next book.

10.  The Princess Spy by Melanie Dickerson.  I read this almost right after I read Captives.  And, yes, it suppressed my Captives hangover, and put me in a Princess Spy Hangover.  You can read my review of this lovely book HERE.  I stayed up until 6 a.m. reading this book.  It killed my sleeping schedule.  Thankfully, I read the book on a Friday to a Saturday.  Imagine reading from Saturday to a Sunday, and getting up for church!  Or going to a wedding the next day!

11.  Rebels By Jill Williamson.  This was bad, because I need more closure.  Where are the next seven books telling about the story? With adequate descriptions, at least 500 pages long?  And I'm talking about the chapters, not the books.  I gave this only 4 stars on Goodreads, because I needed more closure.  No other reason, just closure.  I'll probably change it to 5 stars, once I get over the need for closure.

12.  The Cat of Bubastes by G.A. Henty.  This is my favorite book of this entire year.  It was amazing.  I need to do a review on it.  It's about ancient Egypt, but it's not all set in Egypt. It's interesting.  I like Egypt.  I'd like to go to Egypt sometime.  You should read this book.  Maybe you could go to Egypt, too, at least in your mind.

13.  Can't Let You Go by Jenny B. Jones.  I felt guilty for reading The Dancing Master after reading Can't Let You Go.  I told myself I wasn't going to read this book right after my birthday, but I read it in less than 24 hours, the day after my birthday.  So, that tells you about my book reading self control (non-existent).  I suddenly was just like sitting, and I moved rooms, and I was half done with the book. And what did I know?  Now it was over.  Sadness.  I didn't cry at the end though.  I saw that one person reviewed the book and said that she cried at the end.  I cried earlier in the book.

14.  The Dancing Master by Julie Klassen.  This book hangover was hard core.  I couldn't start another book for a full 24 hours, or more.  I had to watch "Footloose", the original movie, the 1980's one.  There was a lot of dancing in the living room that day.  This book renewed my passion for dancing, that I forgot existed.

12.  The Secret Of Pembrooke Park by Julie Klassen.  Lately, I was trying to figure out what my book hangover was, because I could feel the lingering effects of a book hangover, but I couldn't tell what book it was from.  I finally figured out what book it was from, this book.  It was really good, so what do you expect? So, the lingering effects of a book hangover: not being able to fully immerse ones self in a new book, thinking about the characters in another book (not the one you are currently reading).  I finally figured out that those characters were Abigail and William from The Secret of Pembrooke Park.  And I had been quoting this same book without even realizing it, until I really thought about where this book hangover was coming from.  I was like, "It wasn't from Aquamarine, or Paige Torn.  Live Original couldn't do it.  And it wasn't from a re-read.  Pride and Prejudice was read too long ago; I had read other books between then and now, and not suffered.  Then I was like, the only book left is The Secret of Pembrooke Park."  Then I looked back at my life, and saw that it was true.

13. Paige Rewritten by Erynn Mangum.  This is a particularly special Book Hangover Award; it is a Cliffhanger Book Hangover.  I didn't think that any other book would give me a Book Hangover for the rest  of the year, and then this book decided to sneak up on me and tha-wack me on the head!  Rude!  I need the next book.  I feel so bad for anyone who had to wait for like a year.  I can go to the library and get the book, but it's Christmas, so not super soon.  I'll probably be able to get it in five days.

That is all, Darling.  I could say "Dearie," but I would sound like Rumpelstiltskin from "Once Upon A Time."  Ah, "Once Upon A Time", I should write a blog post about that.  So, until the 2015 Awards, those are all the book hangers for now.

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