Friday, April 3, 2015

Swipe Book Review

This is the original cover, you probably won't find this copy looking for the book these days.  The cover has been re-done to match the rest of the series. 

Swipe, by Evan Angler, is the first book in a set of four books, so far (so far=I hope there are more!). Swipe is about our world in the very near future. This is a post-apocalyptic, Sci-Fi book, based on the book of Revelation.

Some say the "main character" in the series is Logan Langly, but I say there are a lot of "main characters" in the series, and, yes, Logan is a big player in the story. But there is so much more than just his story line going on.  For example, there is Erin Arbitor, age 13.  Her Dad works for DOME (Department of Marked Emergencies). She has just had to move from Beacon City (big city) to Spokie (not a big city) for her Dad's job, and she's not very happy about it.

The main premise is how, at age 13, the government makes you get the Mark. I am saying they "make you" get the Mark, because they give you a bit of a choice.  You may be thinking, "So, I just don't get the Mark. No big deal." But, yes, the Mark is a big deal, because without it you are not even a citizen. Now, you may be like, "That's okay, who needs to be a citizen? I don't even like to vote". But you see you are sill not getting that without THE MARK you cannot buy anything.  You will STARVE TO DEATH!!! You cannot have a house, or a job, or even buy concert tickets! Your life is nothing! So, you may say, "Just go get THE MARK!" But Logan says (in essence, not a direct quote), "What if you never come back? Like my sister, when she went to get the Mark?"  Logan is just months from being 13, and what everyone says is going to be the biggest day of his life.  Everyone says that being Marked is the greatest freedom, but Logan is not so sure.

All that being said, there are people who don't get the Mark.  Those people are extremely poor. They are treated like the filth of the earth.  Why would people want to live like that?  You can find out if you read Swipe, which I highly recommend!

That is all I can tell you, without spoiling the book for you, and we all don't want that to happen. The book does contain some violence, and a decent amount of curse word replacements.  I would say this book is for ages 11 through adult.  I think the best age is to read this book is at age 12, but the year you are going to be 13, because you will really relate to the characters in the book.  There some "main characters" that are older, and few that are younger, so you can relate to a main character at many ages.  The central story does revolve around Logan, and how all these other lives touch his.  Also, if you read Swipe, you will know why I am Marklessgirl (dramatic hair flip with superhero pose).