Friday, June 12, 2015

I'm So Sure Book Review

This is the only book in the trilogy that I have an individual copy of.
The book from my other review is a bind-up of the trilogy.
This looks like the original copies I borrowed from the library.

I'm So Sure is book two in the A Charmed Life trilogy.  I recently reviewed book one, So Not Happening.  If you have not read any of the A Charmed Life books, you can read that review to see if you are interested.

Now, if you have not read book one, So Not Happening, STOP, do not, I repeat, DO NOT read this review!  Unless you want to be spoiled on how things end up with the first book.  If you have read the first book, and not book two you can still read this for some time.

So, I'm So Sure starts off with Bella's family morning her death. LOL, just kidding!  I'm So Sure starts off as just a bit of time has past from when So Not Happening ended.  Now Bella is doing some detective work for money.  In the midst of her detective work for one of her classmates, she finds out that her family is going to be on a pro-wresting reality TV show (not pro as in I'm pro-gluten free things, but pro as in professional).  This book is about all the crazy things that go down with being on a reality tv show, and a mystery that goes down with the prom queen candidates.

As in the first book, you continue to see Bella grow as a character and as a Christian.  Jenny B. Jones does a great job of integrating Bella's Christian walk in her life.  There is nothing preachy, or unnatural, she is a growing Christian teen, and that part of her life is woven in and makes her more of a real person that you could know.

This book is even more funny than the first book, because a character is added who is one of my favorites ever in the whole book character world!  She is the best at making me laugh.  Some of my friends even say I am like her (an amazing compliment!).  Her name is Ruthie, and if you read this book, when you meet her is one of my very favorite parts of all three of the books.  For me, this book's mystery was so hard to figure out what was going on with the prom candidates.  In the end, I worked the answer out at about the same time as Bella.  That is a great mystery in my book (pun intended).  I can usually figure out the solution to a mystery much earlier than the book detective.

That is all I can tell you about I'm So Sure without spoiling you about this book. So, go read I'm So Sure!
This book has the same age recommendation as for the first book, 12 and up. but for a few different reasons than book one.  This book doesn't have kissing like book one, but this book does more scary, intense situations (edge of your seat for the older crowd).

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