Friday, June 5, 2015

So Not Happening Book Review

This June, I am making into "Jenny B. Jones Month."  I will be reviewing lots of her books.  The first book that I am reviewing is the first book I read by Jenny B. Jones.  So Not Happening is the first book in A Charmed Life Trilogy.  So Not Happening is about Bella Kirkwood, age 16.  Her parents have just gotten  divorced, and her Mom is getting marred to a man she met over the Internet....  And he lives on a farm in Oklahoma with his two sons.  This is not cool with Bella, because she is a Manhattan princess.  But her Mom still makes her move to Oklahoma. So, you think this book is going to be super cliche, but it's not.

Bella has a blog, and writes all about how "awful" her new life in Oklahoma is.  Then the students in her new school find out about the blog, and everyone reads it.  And a lot of her new "friends" get crazy mad.  Some of them are so mad that she has to switch classes, and she gets switched to journalism.  When she is working on her first assignment, she stumbles upon a mystery! Yes! A mystery! Were you expecting this to be a mystery book? I was not when I was reading this book for the first time.

This book is a tiny bit like the movie Uptown Girls, so if you like that movie you may like this book.  There are a number of differences though.  I won't tell you you what is similar, you will have to read for yourself and compare.

Bella is a Christian, and I find how she deals with situations very interesting, especially how very different book the story would be if she was not.  I love that Bella has a cat named Moxie.  I love when book characters have pets. I also love how Bella and her Mom's relationships grows in to something more than what it was in NYC.

I especially love how Jenny B. Jones does Bella's romantic relationships (yes, there is more then one over all three of the books).  The romance is very different than what most authors do. I would say more but I don't want to spoil you.

This book is one of the most Rolling-On-The-Floor-Laughing books I have ever read!  Bella is funny, and just my sense of humor.  And that is just awesome!  I would quote one of the hilarious lines, but I don't want to stifle your laugh when you read the novel.

Age recommendation is for ages 12 and up,  because Bella is 16, and there is a bit of kissing, and talk of things like pads, also, alcohol (though not consumed by the main character, but other students).  And I mean "up" as in until l you do not enjoy well written, hilarious, teen novels anymore.  My Mom is nearing 40, and she loves these books, too.  YES!  I actually got her to read them last year.  We had to be really careful not to wake my Dad up when we were laughing over the lines in the books late at night.


  1. Best review of yours, hands-down. 😊 I loved that your mom loves these books... My mom is around 40 as well and I can see her reading them... Need to tell her to read this!


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