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Save The Date Book Review

Save The Date, by Jenny B. Jones, is the companion book to There You'll Find Me, by Jenny B. Jones.  I reviewed There You'll Find Me last week, and was not planing on reviewing this book until I was trying to think of a book that had some thing to do with the 4th of July.  I came to this book, because there is a 4th of July celebration in this book! And it is so fun!  Also, the main man Alex's birthday is the 4th of July, too.  This book is very patriotic for more than four reasons (1. and 2. I mentioned previously):  3. Set in the USA 4. Has political stuff  5. Beach House (doesn't Beach House just say "The American Dream?!) , need I say more? I think not. If you have not read my review for There You'll Find Me, Finley is in this book; she is Alex's sister.

Now that that's done, let's get on to who this book is about.  First, we have Lucy, a twenty something.  She is not like most girls we read about.  Lucy is in a nerdy group/club called The Hobbits.  She loves her nonprofit job at Saving Grace, a place for young women who have graduated from the foster care system to live (And just so you know Saving Grace is a real place!  I know!  So great!).  I have to say something about how Lucy is described, and how it is not like most books you read where the girl is said to be "slight and thin".   Lucy is curvy and not a size 2.  And how many books have you read that the main girl character has naturally curly hair?  In this book she does!  I do have to say, I think the cover model does not look like how I imagined Lucy at all, or maybe not just as much.

Save The Date is also told from Alex Sinclair's point of view.  Alex is a former professional football player, whose father owns Sinclair Enterprises.  Alex is running for Congress, but because of his bad boy name from being a playboy football player, he is having a hard time getting people behind him .

So, now you know the main characters, on to plot.  When Sinclair Enterprises, the largest donor, starts pulling funds from Saving Grace, Lucy will do almost anything to find the money to keep the place open.  Everyone loves Lucy, so Alex strikes up a proposition.  If she will pose as his girlfriend and fiancee, then he will give her the money she needs to keep Saving Grace going.  She agrees to this, and the rest is spoilers!

I do have to say, I really see this book as Alex and Lucy learning that they have got to go to God and let Him work things out.  Also, that they don't need to be anyone else, but the people God made them.  I think you can guess that this is a romance, but this book is not as cliche as the synopsis makes it sound.  This book has PLOT twists!

Just so you know, the epilogue takes place after There You'll Find Me, so there really is no "right way" to read them in.  This book is so funny it had me laughing like CRAZY!  Lucy is funny.  Her friends are funny. Alex can be funny.  But this book is not just funny,  the story has ups and downs, and even sad parts. Save The Date is not all fun and games.

I have to say that I have read a lot of reviews on this book that are on, and one review on Save The Date said that there is a gay man in the book.  A lot of people commented on that review, and said they were so glad to read the review and they would not be picking up this book, because they did not want to read a Christian book with a gay character.  I never once thought the character that reviewer was referring to was gay in the reading of this book.  *Not that having a gay character in a book is such a horrible thing, depending how it is done.*  I just have to say there is no one in this book who says they are gay.  There is a male character who cooks, dresses nice, and is a kind person, but that does not make him gay! And that particular review makes me mad for a lot of reasons, but one is that this person is just going to go and say that all nice boys with fashion sense, who are able to cook, are gay, because no straight boy is like that. That is a lie!

*I have read a Christian book that had an openly gay character.  The author did a great job.  The book was set in California, and from what I know, having the book setting and character ages as they were would have been unrealistic not to have even one gay character.  Let's face the facts, there are homosexuals in the Bible.  They have been around since B.C..  And yes, that is a sin.  But we are still supposed to love sinners.  We should not be applauding sin, or normalizing sin, but we are all sinners and all sin separates us from God.  All humans need God's love, and those of us that follow Christ are supposed to show all sinners His love.  Jesus hung out with prostitutes, thieves, lepers, tax collectors (aka crooked banker/politicians) and loved them all.*

I recommend Save The Date for ages 13, or 14, and up, mostly because of the age of the characters, some kissing, and some life issues younger audiences may not be ready for.  I still have a little trouble relating to twenty-somethings, being a teenager myself.

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