Friday, July 24, 2015

Starring Me Book Review

Starring Me, by Krista McGee, is book two in Krista McGee's companion novel trilogy of Biblical Allegories.  Book one is called First Date and is a re-telling of Esther. I reviewed First Date February this year.

Starring Me is a Isaac and Rebekah re-telling, you can find the real story in Genesis 24.  This book is told from both of the main characters point of view, unlike First Date that is only from Addy's point of view. The "Rebekah" character's name is Kara McKormick.  She was a side character in the first book First Date, and I LOVED getting to know more about her. The "Isaac" character is Chad Beacon, and he is one of my favorite book boys!

The main plot is that Kara is trying out for this new show and Chad is going to be on the show, but she does not know.  His parents are being really picky about who his co-host is going to be and that she needs to share his faith.  Chad's parents set up a deal with the company that is making the show to have their very close family friend, Flora, to pick out who the co-host will be.  The company has a month long audition where nine girls that are all trying to win are living in the same house and going to auditions with Flora as the house mother. I love Flora!

The tv show they are competing to star on is like a teen run, and family friendly version, of Saturday Night Live.  This book really is about how Kara gets saved by God, not by some boy.  In this book you still get to see a lot of Addy and Jonathon (from First Date).  They are in a few parts together and with their friends. There is also a lot of auditioning and scripts in this book, and I loved that! This book is about God, family, friends, acting, and love. This book is fun like the first book, and like book one may make you cry in one part.  But the book and main characters are so different from First Date, and they are done so well by Krista McGee.

I recommend this book for ages 11 through adult, just like for book one. The romance is so clean. This is one of my favorite books.


  1. Hi Marklessgirl!
    I'm Ella ( I follow you instagram).

    I read 'First Date' a while ago and really liked it. I need to give this one a read soon. It sounds great:)

    1. Hey Ella!
      I remember you from Instagram I have been meaning to follow your blog for a long time now! (I just always read it and forget to follow).
      This one is even better then First Date! You so do! It is one of my favorites!:)

    2. Hi !
      That's okay:) I 've been meaning to check out your blog for a while.

      Yay! So glad to hear that. I want to give it a read soon.

    3. Hi!
      It's so hard to read/follow all the blogs you want to! So many and not enough time! Yay! I think you will enjoy it!!!:)


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