Friday, July 10, 2015

The Courtship Book Tag

I was tagged by no one at all, unless you count myself.  Let's go!

1.  Initial Attraction: a book you bought because of the cover.

You can read my review of this book.

2.  First Impressions:  a book you got because of the summary.

I mentioned this in my Book Recommendations #1.  I plan to review this book in depth in the future.

3.  Sweet Talk:  a book with great writing.

4.  First Date:  a first book of a series that made you want to pursue the rest.

5.  Late Night Phone Calls:   a book that kept you up all night.

You can read my review of this book.

6.  Always On My Mind:  a book that you cannot stop thinking about.

You can read my reviews of So Not Happening, I'm So Sure, and So Over My Head.

7.  Getting Physical:  a book which you love the way it feels.

You can read my review of Swipe.

8.  Meeting the Parents:  a book that you would recommend to your friends and family.

On my list to review.  Every un-married girl needs to read this!

9.  Thinking About the Future:  a book, or series, that you know you'll re-read in the future.

You can read my review of this book.

10.  Spread the Love:  Who would you like to tag?

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