Friday, January 22, 2016

Bookish New Years Resolutions for 2016

1. Read more books that are amazing and less that are just okay.  I read a lot of books in 2015 that were just okay and not many that were AMAZING, like I would have liked, but I am fine with it now.  I am going to try this year to read books that are lovely.

2. Read for fun, but really just read not because I think I should to be done with my reading challenge.  So I am not making a goal for 2016.  I do not need to stress about it one tiny bit, not that I did that much, but there were a few times I have in the past.  And I want to do more than just read books, but I still love reading.  I am doing to the Goodreads reading challenge, but I did not set a big number like 1520, and I don't want to stress about it.

3. As for book buying, I don't want to buy many books.  I didn't buy a ton last year, but I only want to buy a book if (A) The book is from an author whose books I love, and it looks nice. (B) It is a book I have already read and I want to own it for re-reading and to give money to support the author. (C) If it is a book that I have been looking at/thinking about reading and it is a really good deal, but I don't want to do this all the time, because I want to have money for when I want to buy A and B.

4. To Be Fine with quitting a book that I may not be liking, or is bad, or even if it is just okay and I have given it a fair go.  I was fine with this before 2015, but then I did not do it a lot in 2015, and I want to this year.  I do not have a ton of time for reading and even if it is a so-so book, I don't need to put time into it when I could be reading a great/amazing book.

5. I will be doing the 2016 Bethany House Reading Challenge. You can find it on Bethany House's facebook and Twitter and somewhere on their blog/website but I can't find it right now, so if you want to do it then you will have to find it.  I just love that it is only nine things to read.  Hahahaaa, I just found the link.  LOL, I lost it again. I know!  Just find it if you want to do it.....  Oh, my Mom found it for me:  2016 Bethany House Reading Challenge.

And that is it. I know it is not a lot, but I am happy with it.  I don't need lot of resolutions that I don't care about, or that I care WAY to much about, so this is nice.  It is really loose, and if I don't do that well on them.  I don't want to be mad at myself at all.