Monday, June 13, 2016

2015 Bookish New Years Resolutions Results

The year 2015 has come to a close (ONLY six months ago) and now it is time to tell everyone how I did on my Bookish New Years Resolutions 

.1 Read 20 new books.  This is my special resolution so that I have a goal to put on my Goodreads account.
I did this and more! I increased my goal to 35 in the year and by the end I had marked 121, but one was a re-read that I marked, but that is still amazing and the most I think I have every read in a year.

2.  Re-read at least 12 books.
Yes! I read a total of 151 books and about 30 or 31 were books that I was reading again.

3.  Listen to at least one audio book.
I did.

4.  Read more of the books my friends tell me to read.
I did this!!!

5.  Read more stand alone's.
I read 38 that I thought where standalone but some I found out where not but that is not my fault.  So, yes, I did do this!

6.  Read just for fun!
I did do this a lot, but not all the time and that is something that I am mad about.  I read all those books that were not very good, just so I could "win the teen summer reading program".  And, yes, I did read the max of books that you can get books for, but none of the books I got did I keep or want (because the "good' books there were the ones I had read and already owned). I don't even know if I will do it next year.

7.  Go to a book signing (or some thing like that). I only have one signed book, and I want to remedy that.
I did not go to a book signing but I did get two new singed books, but I am saying that I win this, because that was all I really hoped to get from this.

8.  Do more book reviews.
I did like 13 so not really.:( But I am trying to be fine with that.

9.  Read more of the books that have been made into movies, that I have seen and LOVED (especially  Heidi and Sarah, Plain and Tall).
I like half did this, kind of.  I did read Sarah Plain and Tall, but not Heidi.

10. Read more books that I can recommend to my younger cousins.  I read a lot of teen, young adult books, including classics geared for young adults.  I want to read more variety that could be read by any age.  My Mom is recommending Pollyanna and Jo's Boys (I've read Little Women multiple times and love it!).
I did this some but not as much as I had hoped to, but I did going to be okay with it.  Mostly....

And that's all! I would say I did pretty good. I did a lot of them and just like 2014 in Goodreads land,  I am successful!!!