Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Golden Braid by Melanie Dickerson Book Review

The Golden Braid, by Melanie Dickerson, is the sixth book in the Hagenheim series.  I have reviewed the first five, but now there are 7! Ahhhh! And the author is writing two more in this series. All of the books are non-magical fairy tale re-tellings.  They are set in medieval Germany and England, depending on the story, This one is in Germany. The series is about two main families and how their lives connect over the years.  There are different main characters for each book, but the stories span generations, though some are set at the same time (like this one) and others can be many years apart.  The Golden Braid is a Rapunzel re-telling which is reminiscent of the Disney movie and the original story, but Melanie Dickerson puts her own spin on the Golden Braid for sure.

This was a very exciting book! This book takes place at the same time, and a little before, and after The Princess Spy, by Melanie Dickerson (book five in the Hagenheim series, you can find my Review HERE). Anyway, I LOVED getting to see the crossover from both books into each other. I don't want to say too much about how they crossover, because I will kind of spoil a lot of the surprises in the story.

I loved the God content in this story. It was very well done and went well with the story.  I really enjoy when there is praying in books like this. I so enjoyed the main characters growing throughout the book.

As for age recommendations: There is romance (of course), but it is clean, only kissing and not to overly much of that. I  recommend this 13 or 14 + (at the youngest 12, but only for a mature reader because of things at the end of this review--spoiler section). But "the best age" (the age I think the book is going for) is probably high school age and college age, but definitely great for all adults (I have to force my Mother to read this!).

Why I think 12 is youngest age I would give this book to is because it is a little intense (attention spoilers ahead!) :
The main girl and her "mother" run into Bandits on the road and Rapunzel throws knives (She has been learning for a long time.); the scene is quite intense for the youngin's.  Later the bad guys come back and they try to take advantage of her, it's not really spelled out that way, but that's the impression I got.  A lot farther in the book Rapunzel is working at the castle and it gets taken over.  At that time,  her and the other kitchen maids use holly berries to make the evil villain and his evil friends very sick, so they can not hurt anyone for a time, and the good guys can win.  There is also a soldier in the castle that alludes to her possibly being taken advantage of while the castle is under siege, but nothing actually happens.  The main character get's drugged/poisoned and kidnapped by her "mother".

Just in case you're worried about the "spin" on the Rapunzel story, there is a VERY HAPPY ENDING!

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