Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Stolen Princess: Maidens of Malidone book 1 Book Review

The Stolen Princess, by Katherine Wilson, is book one in the Maidens of Malidone series (The series is three books long right now and I don't think there are going to be anymore, but I don't know that for sure)
This book starts when the castle is invaded by Lord Malcolm and his evil friends.  They try to get both the Prince and the Princess but only are able to capture Princess Rose.

Fast forward to when the Princess is 16 and just another slave in Lord Malcolm's kingdom.  Her hope remains in God, and she tries to live true to Him. She is friends with other girls who work in the kitchen with her, including the new little girl called Elly.

At the same time, her Brother's friend, Ian, ends up finding the secret kingdom that Rose is in and of course has to save her (But he goes back home first and makes a plan and has back up. Very smart!).   Rose wants to save everyone there.  And the rest are things I am not going to say, because this book is small and there is only so much before I have told you everything ever.  I like that this book is small, because: why have a longer book than you need to tell the story?.

I really enjoyed this book as a first fiction book by an author. The book kind of says "I need to get my feet as a author but I care and I have skill", or that's what it said to me. This can almost be a standalone novel.  The story wraps up Rose, Her Brother William, and his and her friend, Ian's stories well.  The next book is about Rose's Daughter's story.  And book two is for sure already even better than I expected.  I don't judge an author too harshly on his/her first novel.  Authors grow and get better, especially when they are only teenagers when they write the book.  Katherine was only 16 years old when this book was published (Homeschool author ALERT!!!!).  Go young people who write!

I would recommend this book for age 11 or older, if violence is something that is not okay with a younger reader then this is not the book for them.  It is not very violent, but there is a battle scene and some running away from bad guys and getting hurt and such. But in my opinion, the violence is not over done
The romance is very clean, very cute and age appropriate for everyone, there is not even one kiss.  This has the potential to be a great family read-aloud.

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