Friday, May 26, 2017

After A Fashion by Jen Turano Book Review

After A Fashion, by Jen Turano, is book one in the A Class All Their Own series.  The series is three books long, and they are all re-tellings.  Book two is a Mary Poppins/The Sound of Music re-telling and book three is a Phantom of The Opera re-do.  This one is My Fair Lady/Pygmalion, with it's own thing of course (and the redo is really just of one story, because as you may, or may not, know My Fair Lady is a film version of the play Pygmalion, so they are really the same thing).

The Plot is about a girl and a boy (because it is a Romance).  Miss Harriet Peabody is the girl.  She works at a hat shop, in the back.... She never wants to take the hats to her CRAZY, rich buyers, but one day (her birthday) she has to.  She is not very happy, but she tries and things do not go as planned.  And in a turn of events, the man (Oliver Addleshaw), who she is trying to get money for the hats from, wants to give her ta job.  A man he is trying to seal a deal with prefers to work with family-men, and he wants her to pose as his intended.  I don't want to give too much away about how this comes about, because it was really fun to read and complicated to explain.

The characters are great, including the side characters who are main characters in the next two books, so of course they need to be well done in this first book to make sure that you want to read the next ones.  This book totally did that for me.  I was in love with her friends (Maybe more the Harriet, sometimes.  Shhh! Don't tell on me!!!!).

This book can be a little slow moving, because you know she is going to take Oliver up on his deal, but she is all like "NO! I WILL NEVER DO THAT, LIKE EVER!", but not like that because this is in the 1800's in New York, and that is not how they talked back then.  Anyway, it can be annoying, but for me, by the 3rd time I read this, I thought it was fast moving and did not know what 1st and 2nd read me were talking about. So, it can vary and yes, I have read this book a lot of times.

For a re-telling, there are a lot of surprises in this book.  Throughout the story, I was like "WHAT?! I LOVE THIS! and How did I NOT see this coming?!".  Also, the book included a mystery, which I really enjoyed (something not in Pygmalion at all).  But like, when do I not like a mystery?

The romance is really clean and well done; for those who may wonder, there is brief kissing.  I love this story.  Just knowing After A Fashion is a re-telling of Pygmalion gives enough of the plot away.  I highly recommend this book if you like the story of Pygmalion or My Fair Lady,  the 1880's in the New York, and if you don't know if you like those things, then read this and find out.  This book is cleaner than Pygmalion.  I have read Pygmalion, and I do NOT recommend that you read that.  After A Fashion is better content-wise.  After A Fashion is an adult book.  I do not recommend this book for under 13 (depending on the maturity of the reader, may need to be older),  because of the following reasons, which contain SPOILERS!!!!

There is an evil guy who invites others to go to a brothel (the others refuse, and there are no details about the brothel), there is extreme poverty, a white collar criminal, a kidnapper, and two reformed prostitutes (also, no details), and shooting.  The author includes the reality of the time period, just like in Pygmalion.

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