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Paige Rewritten By Erynn Mangum Book Review

Paige Rewritten, by Erynn Mangum, is book two in the Paige Alder series. You can read my Review of book one here!  Paige is 22 and turns 23 in the book, she lives in Texas, and has younger sister, who Paige has not seen in years. Paige works at an adoption agency, and is being offered a raise in pay for doing what she already does, and is not sure why she's not over-the-moon about the raise.  She is also being offered a job as the female teen's Youth Leader and Counselor with the church she currently goes to.  Paige's degree is actually in Counseling, so it makes sense to me why she is feels dissatisfied doing paperwork for the adoption agency.

Paige is really funny and so are her friends.  The friendship and romance are both amazing.  I love Tyler (#loveinterest), because he's a Godly man, funny, but has real flaws, too; he's a well rounded character.  Then there's Layla, best friend status (and I guess I like Layla's fiance, but he is not really in this book very much); Layla and Paige balance each other out perfectly.  Last, but not least, we have Rick (who is the Youth Pastor at her church, and the one offering her the job) and Natalie (Rick's wife) and their baby girl!

In Paige Rewritten, Paige's sister comes home and Paige is not really doing well with that, and has to learn many things about her self that she did not know.  I don't want to say too much about this story-line, because if you want to read this, I don't want to make any of the surprises less interesting. There is lot of character development in this book and a lot of it comes from here.

With the romance:  Her ex-boyfriend comes back to town (he is her best friend's brother). And she in so done with him, and loving being "who knows what" with Tyler.  But of course, you have to have conflict.

Paige is awesome, even when dealing with tons people and her own issues.  I just love reading from her point of view.  I love that she reads her Bible and prays (she goes to church, but I think that was given, with the job thing).  I especially love the Christian content in the series upon re-reading.  I love books that are re-readable, and this story is not disappointing.

I recommend this for 13 and older.  There is no inappropriate language, the romance is suitable for all ages. There is no violence, because this is a contemporary novel,  and not about war or anything. There is a part where Paige mentions the one and only time she ever used God's name in vain, but she knows it was wrong and that's the point.

Why I suggest 13 plus:  Mild Spoilers Ahead

 I put 13 because Paige is older, I think it is nice to read from characters that are within 12 years of my age (I do, of course, have exceptions).  Also, there is mentions of pads and tampons being in a cabinet and PMS.  Backstory included in this book tells about how her ex-boyfriend tried to move in with her, saying she was the denying science, and there was no point in purity and saving yourself for marriage; that was when she broke up with him.  There are no details, and he actually has changed, and comes back and apologizes for his behavior in the current time of this book.  Overall it is everyone's own decision and some kids could be ready for that at 10, but some may not, so this is only my 2¢.

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