Friday, June 23, 2017

Cornelli by Johanna Spyri Book Review

I recently re-read my copy of this amazing story! I had forgotten so much.  I was joyfully excited to see that I am still just as much in love, or maybe more so, than the first time I read it.

Cornelli, by Johanna Spyri, (Yes, she is the author of Heidi!) is about a little girl named Cornelli.  Her mother is dead (did ALL the mothers die in the olden days???!!!!!), and her Father has to leave on business for two years.  So, he gets Cornelli's second cousin, who is quite a bit older and an accomplished lady, in her father's eyes, to come stay with Cornelli.  The cousin, and her friend, are to take Cornelli in hand.  They are supposed to make her an accomplished lady like themselves...  Only problem is they change EVERYTHING, even good things, and with the way they treat her, the "ladies" end up making Cornelli a very disagreeable child, and a very sad little girl.

Things start to look up when a young boy comes to stay with Martha.  Martha is an older woman, a friend and neighbor, and retired servant of Cornelli's family.  The young boy is from the city, coming to spend time in the country.  Martha hopes the young boy's presence will help Cornelli be more like her old self.  Does it???  Maybe, maybe not.

There is a lot of beautiful scenery depicted in the story.  The place where Cornelli lives is very well described without being overly descriptive. There are fruit trees, including cherry trees, rolling hills, baby sheep, cows grazing on fields of grasses.

Cornelli really is a good and beautiful story!  The characters are very easy to connect with even though this is a older book.  The side characters are well done, and I enjoyed what we got to see from them.

This book is out of print, as far as I know.  But don't despair!  You can find Cornelli for free on Amazon Kindle and for 99 cents, so you can still get a copy!  And I am sure that there are used copies to be found (mine is from Goodwill).

I would recommend this book for ages 10+.  Younger is fine, but it is a about a girl close to that age and I always felt that was the most fun to read about someone near my age.

Reading again as a teen, notes:

I didn't know how really, truly DEEP this book was when I read it as a kid.  Everything kind of went over my head.  Okay, so, not every thing, but now that I am older and know about metal health, I can see how depressed and socially anxious Cornelli was.  She may have been suicidal.  It is all done in a sort-of light, fairy tale way, so, you don't really realize it unless you're older and you take a step back.
I say maybe even suicidal, because at one point she's sitting on a high window and throws her dress down.  A maid comes in with the dress and thinks the wind blew it down, but then realizes that the girl threw the dress down.  The the maid chastises her, and Cornelli responds with basically that she'd rather thrown herself out this really high window.  Like whoa there!!!  Anyway this made it so much deeper to me as I re-read.

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