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The Huntress of Thornbeck Forest by Melanie Dickerson Book Review

The Huntress of Thornbeck Forest, by Melanie Dickerson, is the first book in Melanie Dickerson's fairy tale mash-up series.  Each book is a re-telling of two stories.  This one is Robin Hood/Swan Lake and is super cool!  The book is set in 1363 and has no fantasy.  It is a historical fiction re-telling.  I got a lot more out of this after I had read the original Robin Hood and learned a lot more about Swan Lake.

This book is told in two points of views:  Odette and Jorgen.  Odette is "The Huntress of Thornbeck Forest" because she is poaching on the Margrave's land, so she can give food to the poor and orphaned.  She herself is an orphan who is currently living with an uncle.  Enter Jorgen, the new game keeper.  His job is to get rid of poachers on the Margrave's land.  So, of course this story is an easy, super-simple, everyone-just-loves-each-other romance, right?!  I am being sarcastic.  You see how this complicates things.

Odette is getting a lot of pressure to get married from her uncle and everyone else, ever!  She is "old" for the time to be unmarried.  So, her uncle's parties are more like trying to sell her to the highest bidder in marriage and less like a party.  She really enjoys Jorgen, they both have a big heart for the orphans in their area.  But if he knew about the poaching, he could have her sentenced to death.  He really does not like poachers, because one killed his father... supposedly.

I don't want to spoil you anymore.  I do not want to talk about how the re-telling plays a role any more than the back of the book/synopsis does.  If you're planning on reading the book, I want you to have your full enjoyment.  Sometimes, I enjoy knowing TONS about a story before I read it, but sometimes I don't, which is why I don't say too much about the plot.

Also, for me, a book is more about the characters than the plot.  So the characters are great, a lot of subtle changes, and plenty of character development.  There is Christian content of praying and going to a church/cathedral, and trying to live a Christian Life with everything going on in the world.  Although this is historical fiction, the way the characters live out their walk with God gives a great example for the modern Christian.

This is not my favorite book by Melanie Dickerson, but it was still really enjoyable.  The Huntress of Thornbeck Forest is a book that I would read again and again.  Characters with a heart for orphans, who want to make the community better, are 100% something I can get behind.

I recommend this book for 14+.  It is categorized as an adult book, but is clean for most teens.  I am not sure about all 13 year olds, because of what I will talk about in spoilers with content.  There is obviously hunting and killing of animals, so if you are super sensitive to that this may be one not to read, but I was okay with it because it was not descriptively bloody and gory​.  I do not like to read about blood. *There is some kissing in the romantic relationship.*


One of the main characters gets shot with an arrow, and is on deaths door.  There is a whorehouse that is shown as a bad thing, but a younger girl character who doesn't know what to do with her family and is being threatened ends up there.  Our main characters have to help the younger girl escape from there.  So, as you can see, The Huntress of Thornbeck Forest is a little on the mature reader side.

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