Monday, August 14, 2017

Match Point by Erynn Mangum Book Review

Match Point, by Erynn Mangum, is book three in the Lauren Holbrook series.  I have, of course reviewed book one and two.  This is the last book in the series that we get Lauren's point of view.

Here's the plot:

What is a matchmaker to do when people are matchmaking her?  Lauren is faced with this dilemma, her stepmother and well-meaning friends are trying to get her proposed to by Ryan (who, by this time, she has been with for about two years).  Lauren and Ryan are not sure how they feel about being pushed into marriage.  Lauren does untangle her feelings on the matter pretty fast in the grand scheme of the book.   Speaking of grand schemes...  later in the book, Lauren's friends and family set up an elaborate scene for the "Perfect Romantic Proposal," but Ryan and Lauren catch on and choose to have a fake break up instead.  The whole scam is extremely amusing!

As always, I love the writing and the humor.  The romance is super clean and very appropriate, even though most of are characters are in their early to mid-20's.  I only say most, because there is family that are older and younger than that.  The references to I Love Lucy, The Partridge Family, and Jane Austen were super fun.  Other books in the series reference Full House and other fun things, like The Princess Bride.  I always enjoy when I actually "get" references, but it doesn't take away too much if you don't pick up on all of them.


Darn and shoot are used sparingly. (I put this in because, personally, I don't use words like this.)

Romance/You Know:
Very little, a kiss at the proposal and not much else.  I have read middle grade books with more kissing. A top is called "sexy."  Lauren jokes about being adopted, or that her mother had an affair with the newspaper delivery guy, but she says, knowing her mother, she is going with adopted.  Other married couples *may* kiss, I don't have it in my notes, because I don't find married kissing sketchy at all.
*There is also an understanding that love is not just a feeling! A+ *rounds of applause*

There are jokes about violence.  And mainly at one point joking about killing a character, I think it went a little far, but at the end, it briefly mentions how killing someone in your heart is the same as killing them for real.

Jokes about caffeine and being added to caffeine.  Lots of caffeine. And yes, caffeine is considered a drug.

Fun, semi-spoilery things:
Note that these things may not make sense to anyone, except they that have read the book, and maybe not even them.  Who knows?  I sure don't.

Her Dad's wedding, with Ryan in a top hat.  I do not know why I found that so funny, but when I was reading at like 3 a.m., okay, 3:30 a.m., I found it, like, the most hilarious thing ever.
Girls trip! I had completely forgotten about the girls trip and was super surprised!
When Ryan throws stones at Lauren's window and then makes a joke about making up the old-fashioned way with a broken window, and a ladder and a Justice of the Peace.  I had just re-watched Romeo and Juliet, and it made me think of them so much.  I know that it does not make sense completely, but I was sleepy, so, you know.
The baseball talk when Lauren just kept on getting everything wrong about the sport! I was laughing so hard.
I have the "I like you talk" written in my notes, but I forgot what I wanted to say about it.....
The Partridge Family references, I LOVED!  I was already singing a Partridge Family song when I was reading this book.  It was perfect timing.
Wedding.  Wedding?  Wedding!
The end sentence about Elvis not being on their honeymoon.  It was funny, alright?
So, yeah, funny, but possibly my least favorite book of the series.  I still think it was fabulous and still recommend it.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Rematch by Erynn Mangum Book Review

Rematch is book two in the Lauren Holbrook Series, I reviewed book one, Miss Match, in April of this year.  After successfully matchmaking a couple, Lauren Holbrook is especially excited to matchmake everyone else in her life, besides her Dad.  When she decides that her almost-brother, Brandon, and her coworker, Hannah, would make a "perfect" couple, she will do almost anything to set them up, without them noticing, of course.  And when a new girl comes to Bible study, Lauren has someone picked out for her, too.

Lauren's family, with her sisters and her Dad, is one of parts of the series that I enjoy extra.  Erynn's writing makes them feels like a real family.  Lauren is greatly surprised when her father announces that he is going to a Christian Singles Retreat in Michigan.  Her mother died when she was eight, and her Dad has not been with anyone since her Mother.  The announcement is a shock to her system.  She is overthinking, and going crazy over this and has to learn and have character development over this particular thing.

Rematch is just as laugh out loud hilarious as Miss Match.  The faith content is still there and I LOVE how solid she writes that part, one of the reasons Erynn Mangum is the best.  I adored Lauren and Ryan trying to outdo each other at memorizing Bible verses.  I love how Lauren quotes Bible verses as dialogue sometimes and everyone is like "WHAT????" and then she quotes the Bible reference, and everyone is happy that Lauren has not truly gone crazy.

As of right now the full series is not in print, but it will be back "soon" with new covers.  Books three, four and five are in print, but one and two are not yet.  So right now, the library, buying used, or buying an e-book is the only way to read the complete series.

I am going to have a new way of reviewing with content.  I really enjoy reading reviews that are done in a similar way to this, so I'm going to try it out.

There is a mention that a movie has language in it.  They do this with out saying any of the profanity. The words the "darn and shoot" are said occasionally.

Romance/You Know:
Side characters share kisses.  It is mentioned someone got pregnant on their honeymoon (no improper content).  It is said that a man would probably not like to have the main character around all the time, because at night he would like to have his wife (No details).

It is mentioned that a movie has violence.  There are some mild jokes are made about violence, such as a character says that his girlfriend "Verbally abuses him in 19th century English," but it is a joke (And it did make me laugh in context).

Caffeine is consumed many times in various ways, such as soda and coffee.  Characters (mainly one in particular ) admit to being addicted to caffeine.
*Alcohol could possibly been mentioned an extreme passing, but I don't remember and it's not in my notes, so I would assume that it didn't happen, but I can only give you 99% sure.*

This next section is for reminiscing purposes.  I will be putting my favorite parts and other things that I want to mention.  They are spoilery and will probably only make sense if you have read the book.
This is a warning.

Fun talky spoilers:

I love Hallie!!!! Hallie and Shawn forever!!! And this book is the start of the relationship.
I am a fan. And his dessert shop cafe thing is the best!!!!  As a gluten free person, I deeply enjoyed reading about glutenous desserts, and it does make me keep looking for good gluten-free desserts.  I found a cinnamon roll recipe, so I will be fine, and not die, when I re-read book five (Bake Me A Match)!!!
The twins!! And one named after Lauren!
Who would have guessed that Brandon and Hannah would be a couple?  I love them together.
Lauren gets a puppy, named Darcy!!! Puppy, puppy, puppy!!!!!  Awwww!!!!!  Everything is cute!!!
Lauren and thinking that her Dad is going to bring home a genetic scientist from the singles retreat is so funny, and I am also not into genetic scientists anymore.  It was kind of creepy all the crazy things she came up with while learning about God's sovereignty.
Nick and Ruby are expecting a baby so quickly!!!!  I was almost expecting it (wink, wink), but I was still excited!  The "Bungalow moment" when Lauren was picking them up from their honeymoon made me almost die laughing.
Joan is fabulous! So sweet and perfect for her Dad.
Picking out Hannah's ring with Brandon was one of my favorite parts....
But trailing him to the proposal spot with everyone was even better!!!